Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Boy due May needed

I am not promoting this agency....I have never adopted through them.
But when I see a situation in need I post it....I try to help spread the word.
I hate the thought of a Birth Mother ready to place with no family to place with.
How must that feel?
Go here if you would like to learn more.
Please share if you go for it...I would love to hear.


Anonymous said...

you did not post a link for this situation. Where can we see the info?

Brenda said...

The link was actually there but the font color was almost the same as the text font color. Sorry about that. I changed it to is the word "here".

:) Thanks for letting me know...I didn't catch it.

mrs. r said...

sent this out to "my people." thanks for posting. :)