Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Year Wiser???

So I feel like I just did this....just had a birthday.    This time last year I was sitting in the NICU rocking my sweet baby boy Spencer....helping him learn how to eat and praying he gains weight.   What a difference a year makes.  Spencer is now crawling and cruising furniture.   He isn't walking yet but I am really happy about that!   Camden walked at 9 months old ...just a month after he came to our family so I felt like we went from baby to toddler really fast.   I am enjoying Spencer's "babyness"!!!  

Today I turned I am now in my "late" thirty's.  That seems so weird!  This year has been a wild ride but I have learned so much about myself and I am learning how to  say "no" a little more.   To  celebrate my aging (like it is really something to celebrate lol) Brad is taking me to dinner and a movie.   I can hardly wait!   I have been cleaning house like crazy the past couple of days trying to de-clutter before school starts.   I spent 5 hours in my girls room.   I definitely deserve some pampering....don't ya think?  lol

I have lots to post about but it will have to wait for a free moment which won't come again until Sunday.  
Happy Friday Everyone!!!! 
I am off to get ready to see Eclipse...finally!

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Heather said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Sorry to be so late, I am just now catching up from a couple weeks of craziness:p Hope you and yours are doing wonderfully!