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I am no longer doing Matching Mondays but I still love to promote waiting children.  You can view Utah's waiting children by going utdcfsadopt.org .
Thank you to all who support this effort.  It changed my heart forever...I hope it changed yours too!


Matching Mondays is a project of my heart.
Brad and I became foster parents in 2007 in hopes that someday we would get to adopt. I started searching all the waiting children out of curiosity. My heart became sick by what I saw....hundreds of waiting children. I never understood how many children were in need here in America. I would look at these sites at night after my kids went to bed and I was having my "down time". I ended up losing sleep as I would try to close my eyes all I saw was all of the faces of the children who needed a home, parents and love. I decided to post a few on my blog and then I sent emails to friends. One of my friends said she would post the children on her site too. I decided to call this project "Matching Mondays".  

This project may not have much effect on the number of children waiting but I do hope it at least changes hearts and helps educate all of us.

When I first started this project I would feature children from all waiting children sites but after some complaints from a couple of states I now only feature children from heart galleries that have given us verbal permission.

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