Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Traditions

3 days left
Christmas Traditions
Growing up we had a few traditions at Christmas time.   The one I looked forward to the most was the tradition of going to my Grandparents home for Christmas Eve.   Both of my Grandparents have passed on but my Aunt Lori has kept the tradition alive and each year invites me and my little family as well as my parents and brother and sisters and their families to come to her home and celebrate!  Now my kids look forward to this each year!  I love that this tradition is still alive!

Brad and I wanted some traditions for our little family. 
The past couple of years we have added the following...

  • Christmas Eve - Swaddling Clothes
Every Christmas Eve we watch Luke II video and then read the Christmas Story from the Bible.   We then present our children with one present.   The gift is always pajamas only we don't call them pjs we call them their "swaddling clothes".   We wanted to bring meaning to the gift....help them remember WHO we are celebrating.   This has become a very meaningful tradition and my children talk often of it. 

  • Gift Giving - Gold,  Frankincense and Murr
Last year we started the tradition of giving each child 3 gifts (this is in addition to what Santa brings which is always one inexpensive gift and stocking stuffers).   Each of these 3 gifts represent the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus.   This year I am including a decrative label that has the childs name on it along with the word Gold, Frankincense or Murr.

  •  Christmas Morning Breakfast - Rich's Bagels
I am a huge fan of bagels from Rich's Bagels.   A couple of years ago we decided these particular bagels would be the traditional breakfast.  We usually have some muffins and fruit or something eggs with it.   I know this sounds a little silly but I look forward to this every year!!!!

I hope to add new traditions in the coming years.  
What are your traditions?
If you have blogged about them please leave me a comment and let me know.  I enjoy learning about other family's traditions...helps me find new ones for our family.

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