Monday, December 21, 2009

Matching Mondays

Don't miss "A Home for the Holidays" airing 23rd at 7pm Utah time on CBS. 

I hope these children have parents to call their own by next Christmas!!! 

Erik age 14.
Sports and building models are top on this teen’s list of favorite things to do. You can bet that time spent with Erik will be time enjoyed. He has a great sense of humor that will leave you in stitches, and an engaging personality that will melt your heart. Erik also has a talent for swimming and likes to spend his downtime playing a good video game. Erik will be entering the ninth grade this fall. He is an intelligent young man who is continuously progressing.

Tara & Liam ages (not listed)
Big gray eyes and a wonderful smile, Tara is a petite, friendly little girl who wears glasses. She likes to engage in family games and social events as well as puzzles, board games, and memory matching games are her favorite. She also likes to play outdoors and especially likes to slide. She loves princesses and is most fond of Snow White.

Liam is an extremely bright and adorable boy who is eager to please and desperately wants stable parents to love. He has bright eyes, a great smile, a healthy appetite and loves to have his blonde hair spiked up. He is very curious about his surroundings and how the world works.

Liam and Tara do have an older half sister with whom they have maintained contact and it would be nice if they could maintain some level of contact with her.

An adoptive family for Tara and Liam would ideally have previous parenting experience. There should not be any younger children in the home. Ideally they should have a parent at home full-time to meet all of their needs. Parents for Liam and Tara will need to be very strong and involved advocates in their education and ongoing treatment.

Being fully independent may prove to be a life long challenge for Sarah, her full potential will not be known until she is in a family that is deeply committed to her healing and future growth. She in particular needs parents that will be committed to her for the long run.

A lifetime of delightful surprises from parenting Tara and Liam is sure to await you!

Brittany age 10.
Brittany, born in March 1999, is a cute girl who is very sweet and loving. She loves her long hair. Brittany likes to play with her friends at school. Brittany needs parents who can help remind her that she is a child and not the mother to her younger siblings. Brittany needs help with staying focused and on completing her school work. Brittany wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Brittany needs structure, stability, patience, consistency and positive attention. She also has two siblings who are being recruited for separately. A connection will need to be maintained between the three children.
*There is a video interview of Brittany on the website...take a peek.

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