Monday, January 4, 2010

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Happy New Year!!!!

Jace age 8.
 And the happy helper award goes to… Jace! This loving and sweet kid is a great aid to those around him. He tries hard in all he does and is a joy to be around! Jace has a big heart and enjoys drawing and playing with LEGOs. He has a great interest in learning, especially about animals, bugs, and rocks.

Jace is attending the second grade this year and will benefit from parents who will support him academically

Dayjaniell is a loveable little girl with quite the fondness for singing and dancing. Playing dress- up and creating fine works of art through her drawing are also activities she loves. She is a caring, smart, helpful child whose fun attitude adds pizzazz to her personality.

A first grader this year, Dayjaniell is above average academically.

Dajyaniell and Jace are in need of a loving, stable, and supportive family. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related costs. For Utah children, only homestudied families from all states are encouraged to inquire. We only accept inquiries on the sibling pair, who will be placed together.

Ayden, Madysin, Shyanne and Hollie  ages 5, 4, 3 & 1. 
This is a wonderful sibling group that needs a very structured, nurturing, and consistent family. Ayden is an adorable five year old boy. He has big brown eyes and a great contagious smile. Ayden has a great personality and is an energetic little boy. He loves to play with trains and really enjoys puzzles. Ayden also likes to play age appropriate video games. Ayden has been making some good strides in his current placement, yet still has some behavioral and attention challenges. Ayden does well with positive affirmation and likes to know that he is doing
a good job at something.

Madysin is an energetic and outgoing four year old. She likes books and being read to. Madysin is very vocal and expressive. She likes to draw and color and loves to play pretend. Madysin also loves to sing. Madysin is talkative and will interact with most anyone. She struggles with her boundaries and has no ''stranger danger''. She will go to people and kiss, hug, and interact even when she doesn't know them. When Madysin receives positive attention she really seems to thrive. She likes to be praised and gets encouraged.

Shyanne is a sweet and adorable little three year old. She has big beautiful eyes and a sweet disposition. She is described as a cuddle bug. She likes to sit on her foster mom’s lap and is always content in someone’s arms snuggling. She loves to have one on one time and tends to demand a lot of attention from adults. Shyanne has to be encouraged to ‘get out there’ and play with other kids in social settings. She is around other children often and is learning how to be more comfortable in play group settings.
times from positive re-enforcement.

Hollie is a little lover. She loves to fight her sister Shyanne to get into the foster parent’s lap or arms. Hollie is also content to play and entertain herself with one focused task. She's just started to enter into ''the testing phase'' with some attitudes and fits though she is easily re-directed and in general a very happy baby/toddler.

These four children need a home that has some specific characteristics. They need a home that is very structured, routine yet able to provide a lot of nurturing for each of them. They will need a family that has a strong support network around them to help. Each of these four children have individualized special needs and would benefit from a family where the caregivers are able to provide them with one on one time as much as possible. They will need a family that has at least one stay at home parent and the ability to get help as needed. A family that can advocate for them and seek the counseling and services they will continue to need. We also feel they would be better in a home with no other children, given their need for attention and assistance in making up for lost skills due to early neglect.

This is a very active young sibling group that will need caregivers who have energy, patience and time to meet each of their needs. They need caregivers who are going to keep them engaged in therapeutic services. They need caregivers who have expertise in areas of neglect, trauma and behavior management of young children. It is important for the adoptive family to be open to appropriate contact with the biological family, cards and letters is thought to be appropriate for these children.

This will not be an easy group, due to the time and attention each need. We request only families with this kind of time and support inquiry.


From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

I had a question is Jace and Dayjaniel siblings or can Jace be adopted? We have a little boy that we are hoping to adopt and we want to adopt at least 2 children and I would love another little guy so that the two of them can play

SmallAdventures said...

They are siblings...I think they would like to keep them together.