Friday, February 12, 2010

Adoption connects us.

Are you like me and feel a rather instant connection to someone who has adopted, is a Birth Parent or was adopted?
I do and today I am so thankful for that instant bond from this special shared world.
Today Spencer had a hydrocele repaired.  The surgery is pretty much exactly like a hernia repair.   I of course was nervous about it all but especially the fact that they would be cutting him and the anesthesia scared me.   But once again the Lord blessed us with tender mercies all around.   Spencer's incredible Anesthesiologist recently adopted two babies through LDS Family Services and was very excited about our upcoming adoption and said to us "I will treat him as my own."  Music to a Mother's ears.
After I kissed Spencer and waved bye bye we turned down the long hall and I said to Brad
"I Love Adoption!" 

Tonight I was nervous about the what type of nurse would have the night shift....hoping she would be as good as the day nurses have been.    It turns out I was (at one point) in the same ward with Spencer's night nurse and not only did she adopt through LDS Family Services last year ...she herself and her hubby were adopted into their families.   

Adoption, how I love you!!!!!
I am so thankful for the Lord's tender mercies and I am so thankful to be infertile!!!  
One of life's great gifts is the ability to connect with another soul.
Adoption connects many!


Mandy said...

Totally relate--I met you once at an adoption conference here in Georgia--and your presentation was so good I was so excited when I found your blog--I feel that connection! And I love it :)

Jessica said...

OMG I TOTALLY know what you mean. Last night I was in the hospital getting a CAT can for kidney stones and it got brought up that I had adopted two kids and the nurse said oh people like you are so special etc. I don't like hearing that because I feel like I am the one that is blessed through adoption so I said no I am the one who is lucky and blessed by adopting my children. Then the nurse looked at me and said I placed a baby when I was younger (32 years ago)! She was SUPER SUPER sweet to me and you could see how much she cared for adoptive parents. Then I understood why she said what she said. I felt an INSTANT connection with this sweet lady. I don't think I will ever forget her. Miss you guys!