Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tonight at our ward Relief Society Meeting I got to listen to incredible stories about talents and creating from the man who wrote the music to this little clip.

It was an amazing meeting and lifted my heart on a day I needed it.
I love President Uchtdorf's message.  As an infertile woman "creating" is very important to me.  I obviously don't have the talent other women have to be able to create children who will carry on mine and my husbands physical traits that will remain on the earth after we leave it.  So I think creating things with my hands, my mind and creating a life for my children that is rich in love, purpose and filled with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so important to is something tangible that I will leave behind. It is something that lives beyond my own life.  Creating brings me comfort and allows me to share a piece of myself with the world.
I am so thankful for Relief Society and the friendships I share with the women in my neighborhood. 
I am very blessed!

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