Sunday, February 21, 2010

Families Needed

I saw the following posted on a yahoogroup.   I am in no way endorsing this agency..just passing information along.
"Looking for families interested in a full AA baby boy who is scheduled to make his entrance into the world on 2/25/10 in Utah. Birthmom is completely clean ... no drugs, alcohol or smoking. BM and son have asthma and maternal grandmother, aunt and uncle have diabetes. BF is aware of pregnancy and supportive of adoption. Call me if you are interested. Chris ... A Guardian Angel Adoptions ... 801-694-4199
Need to present fast since she is already dialating!!"

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Jennifer said...

I was you know if any of the info you ever receive allows adoptive couples to adopt/foster from utah if they live in another state? I've tried to contact multiple sources and they state that since we are in NY it makes it more difficult? There are SO many AA or AA/CA babies we are interested in, but being in NY makes it difficult.
If you could please email me if you know of any place that may work with us?
our website:
Thank you!