Monday, May 10, 2010

Matching Mondays ~ Day Off

My weekend was very busy (and also alot of fun) so I didn't get Matching Mondays ready in time.  Today I am working on a presentation I will be giving this week....praying it is useful to those who attend.  
I did want to remind you about the 5k on May 29th.
Run for Those Who Wait.
May 29, 2010
7:15AM - 10:15AM
Murray City Park, Murray Utah
Family Walk/Run 5k
Click Here for more information  
This was going to be my first 5k....BUT as I was preparing my body to do this fun event I hurt my knee.  Today I can barely walk.  I see a Orthopedic Doctor in a week.   Lets hope time will help....I really don't want surgery.
I hope you will go and run for me.  :)  
I am so sad that I won't be doing it! 
One bright sister who lives in Seattle area decided to visit I do get to go see her in Idaho.  
I am very happy about that!
next year I am going to be all over that 5k.  LOL  Lets hope!

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Christine said...

Love the new blog makeover! :) Your family is beautiful.