Monday, May 17, 2010

My fabulous Genes!

Thanks Mom for passing on such incredible genes to me....the good, the bad and the pain in the butt..opps I mean knee genes.

Good genes

small bone structure
curly hair 
singing voice
love of good chocolate

Bad genes
small bone structure (a negative when you are like 80 pounds overweight)
curly hair (depend on the day)
love of good chocolate
PCOS....this one really sucks.  Couldn't you have just left it at this one Mom?  :)

Pain in the butt knee genes
genetic osteoarthritis...just found out today.   So I was given a steriod shot in my knee and told no more jogging and very little walking.   My new exercise is biking or swimming.   Oh Yippeee!!!  :(   I LOVE jogging!  Makes me sad.  I am bummed out about this...  But I have much to be thankful for...I am not in tons of pain and hopfully getting weight off and changing some habits will help push the damage back further. 

So I guess unless things change I will never been running a 5k....something I always wanted to attempt.  I will just mark that one up there with things like pregnancy and breastfeeding.  :) 

So I guess...bring on the bike adventures??? 
I think there should be a rule that only one bad gene per family.
K....I will stop whining now.


Hallie Owens said...

I have that too and mine is not known to be genetic. Good Luck! I took swim aerobics and LOVED it. I am not a fan of the steroid shots and will do anything to avoid them. All the best to you.

Melissa said...

Hey Brenda! I have good news for you ... BIKING IS AWESOME! There's nothing wrong with my knees, and I still can't run just because ... I don't want to! You'll love biking. Sorry about the arthritis. That stinks. :(

Cory and Becca said...

I think you might really like biking!...I LOVE is fun! The plus side is definitely the wind blowing in my face so I don't have to feel my sweat!--LOL.