Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Creating Life} Drawing on the heart.

Notice the cup on the table.  lol  No I didn't stage that. :)

The past couple few days our home has been buzzing with activity.   There is nothing like trying prepare for FSA conference.   There are always things that pop up that we have forgotten about or decide to do last minute.     There are lose ends to tie and things you are worrying about and hoping it will all be ok even if you forgot to do that "one thing".     Add these types of things on top of caring for 4 cute kids....the only word that comes to mind is exhausting!  I feel like a zombie today....lack of sleep is clearly part of it.   I think I had one too many diet cokes yesterday because I woke up at 3am with what I believe to be a hot flash....this is a little disturbing since I am only 36.   HELLO I am not ready for that yet....and yet I am not surprised.  Nothing in my reproductive life has ever been "normal" so why not the age menopause kicks in?  (I don't really think I am menopausal....just stressed).

Anyway....I wanted to share what my girls have been working on this week.   This will be the first FSA Conference that includes Art Exhibits created by FSA members and their families.  There will be a children's wall of art so of course my girls wanted to be included.   I think their work turned out very cute and creative!

This is Haley's picture...each bubble has a member of our family drawn in it.
This one is Brenley's.   We have a "bug" theme in our family.  Brad and I are the "BB's" so we are bumble bees.  Brenley is our Butterfly, Haley our Ladybug, Camden our Grasshopper (lil' hopper as we call him) and Spencer for now is our baby Caterpillar.  She drew us all as part of one hive.

Two days until conference.....can't wait!!!!

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