Monday, April 11, 2011

Matching Mondays

Do you ever watch the sitcom "The Middle"?
It is a huge favorite at our house!!!   It makes me laugh so much...I love that.  Laughing is great therapy!
Brad and I find ourselves relating to the Hess family....not sure what that means but it's true.  :)
Patricia Heaton who starts as the Mom of the show recently did something wonderful to help children who are waiting to be adopted.  

You can read about it here.
I wanted to post about this last week but with my little guy ending up in the hospital I couldn't.   Join me in tweeting a big thank you to this star who has a big heart!

I thought it would be appropriate to feature Reeces rainbow waiting children site for today.
I look through all of the beautiful faces and I can't pick just one or two...please
go take a really good look at the children
It is only a matter of time before they are institutionalized.  
They need families who will love them!  

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