Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creating Life: Home Organizational Help

My kitchen each night the past couple of weeks.   So nice to wake up to a clean house!

About 4 weeks ago I attended my ward Relief Society Weekday activity/meeting.
The topic was on home organization.
It has completely changed the way I clean and organize my home.
The change has been rather dramatic...not in just the way my home looks everyday but in the way I feel about my work at home. 
A few months before I went to this class I had a type of break down I guess you could say.   I felt so overwhelmed by all that needed to be done in my house and felt so alone in trying to get my home the way I always wanted it to be...clean and orderly.   I started thinking that I would never reach that goal.....I started giving up hope that I could ever be that person who has it together.  I started deciding that I wasn't' meant to be anything like that.   It was hard for me and it weighed on me much of the time.   
So this class I went to last month was an answer to an unspoken prayer.  

Have you ever been to the website My Giveaway Today ?
Haven't we all been there multiple times  lol.
It turns out the brilliant mind behind that website is Emily Cushing and she just happens to be my ward Relief Society President's sister in law.
I didn't really know this until I found out about the class I would be attending....Emily was coming to speak.
I had no idea what  treat I was in for.
Emily is brilliant....absolutely brilliant!
I also feel like the Lord has used her gifts to bless the lives of others.
Emily has a great system that allows you to get your home deep cleaned 4 times a year....the great part is that this isn't hard or extremely time consuming because you do a little bit each week.  Emily also has a great way of getting her whole family involved in Saturday cleaning and everyday surface cleaning.  
I have been using her ideas for over two weeks now and I can't believe the difference it makes in my  home and my attitude.   It has also given me alot more free time to be with my family.   My children are getting better about their responsibilities now that they understand what is expected of them.    I feel sort of like an infomercial...but seriously this has changed things in my life for the better.
I asked Emily if I could share her handouts on my blog.   She said I could.    I love it when women are willing to share what they have learned and created with others...what a blessing!!!!
If you would like a copy of Emily's handouts that give instructions and information please email me at smalladventuresfamily at gmail dot com
Please remember the material is copyright respectful of Emily's work.

Emily shared a few quotes during her presentation but my favorite was 
"A lazy man makes more work".   
This has stuck in my head and I think about it everytime I am tempted to put off something.  
My rotation list.  Hangs in the hallway by my laundry room.

My kids cleaning cards.
 My weekly "To Do" list.  Such great satisfaction crossing items off as I finish them!
I have come to realize how true this quote really is!

Thank You Emily for sharing your gift with others
Thank You Sarah for sharing your sister in law with our ward!  :)  
You were inspired to ask her to come!


Unknown said...

Please please PLEASE send me the information!!!! I really need it!!!!

Andy Porter said...

How awesome!

Jessica said...

Oh I so need this! Would you mind sending me the info too? Thanks! npsgurl at

Anonymous said...

Brenda please, please, please send me the info. Emily hanberg

Katrina said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful. I am in desperate need of this information. I will email you in case you don't have my email address.

Jared and Amy said...

I found your blog through my cousins blog i hope you dom't mind. I would love to have this information if you don't mind emailing it to me at or if you would prefer you can give the link to buy it. Thanks! Amy

Scott and Becky said...

I am where you were a month ago. Would love some info. Rebe_20@

jamesandlisa said...

I would love to have this too, Brenda! I too am desperate for a system that might actually work (and I've tried several).

Stephanie said...

I love this post because I feel the same way. I would love to have the info and handouts e-mailed to me!

Thanks for sharing!


Cindy said...

I just sent you an email. I need this too! I think a lot of us struggle with organization and keeping up. What a great post! Thanks!!

Christy Edgel said...

I would love this, please send it to me! I had a card system that I got in RS about 12 years ago- loved it, but have fallen out of the habit. I would like to look at this one and see if it would stick better, please!!!

Anonymous said...

Brenda - I would love to look at this information. It is great how women can share and enrich each other. Thanks for sharing,

Meg said...

Brenda - Okay I'm going to e-mail you. I could really use this! I've been trying to get my home more organized and don't even know where to start! Taking a good year and a half off of my "home duties" has put me so far behind, I feel like I'm never going to catch up. Thanks for sharing this!