Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just like his Dad!

Brad is a gadget/electronic addict.
When he was little he would take things apart and then put them back together just to see how it worked.
I see this side of him as a positive most of the time since Brad can fix just about any item in our home and has saved us thousands of dollars.
But there are moments when I have speaker cords draped across my picture frames so we can have surround sound for the weekend that I begin to get frustrated with this part of my cute hubs.  ;)
As you will see from the pictures below....Spencer is a chip off the ol' block!
Spencer spent about an hour with these little plugs 
(don't worry....the other side wasn't plugged in  and the thing he was plugging it into wasn't hooked we knew he was safe) he loved every minute.
Isn't he the cutest!!!!!

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