Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering Jessica

Brenley's feet.
There is a little girl in my life that I deeply love.
I don't get to see her face or hear her voice but I know she is real.
She is in my thoughts every time I see a little girl with red hair, every time I look at pictures of children with down syndrome and every time I use her blanket to wrap my little ones in.
I am in awe of this little girl who came and left this earth without leaving footprints.  
Her short time here changed so many things...changed my sister and helped her become stronger full of love for others.  
This little girl is a beacon of hope ....the light at the end of dark days.
Jessica today I celebrate you and the miracle of the Resurection and the miracle of the healing of a heart.   
I miss you and love you!

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