Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picking myself up and running.

It has been one very terrific week!   Back in March of 2011 I started my journey to health and dropped 9 pounds.   Then the first week of April my little Spencer was admitted to the hospital with oxygen problems due to RSV.  He was officially diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease but unofficially with Asthma.   It was hard to keep up with my new way of eating while in the hospital so I gave in and did what I had to do thinking I could pick up where I left off.  By the time I got Spencer all the way better I was sick with the virus and then it was another few weeks before I felt like exercising.  By then my fire was no longer burning and I just went back to old habits.   But a week ago yesterday I picked myself up and started moving.   I have been back to counting calories (using the advice from the Biggest Loser Trainers about how to figure out how many calories to each when trying to lose weight) and exercising very hard every day more than once.   It has been alot of work but it has been glorious!!!!   I can feel my body responding and the scale shows me 8 pounds lighter for the week.   So I am officially 14 pounds lighter than I was when I started this journey in March of this year.  I am thankful that the fire within me has begun to burn again.  I know my Heavenly Father is helping me and encouraging me to move forward.   I am so thankful for His help!

The words my doctor said to me a few weeks ago seem to ring in my head.   "Take time to take care of yourself now and you will have years ahead of you to serve your family and serve in your church."   This is what drives me....I want to be able to be here for my family for a very long time!  
Could there possibly be a better motivation?
Not for me!
Could there be a better month to start something like this?  Yea...December isn't the easiest to start out but I figure if I can make through this month I can make through any of them! 
Gotta love a good challenge!!!


Mary said...

Your doctor's advice is great! Best of luck on your journey to improved health.

Becky Jones said...

You are doing fantastic! I am so proud of you. What you are doing is one the hardest things anyone will ever do and you're rocking it!!!!

Mandee Lue said...

Hi Brenda!! Have you heard that Scott and I have twin baby boys in our home?? Very exciting, but very scary, too! They were taken away and placed with us temporarily but there might be a chance that we can adopt them later on if things keep going the way they are going! Amazing, eh?! I loved this last post :) That fire inside sure feels good, doesn't it? :)