Friday, March 16, 2012

Surgery is Over!

I'm Alive!
Yay!!!!  :)
I had my cyst removed from my ovary 4 days ago.   I am so thankful they didn't have to take the whole ovary.  It is my only ovary (other one was removed a number of years ago due to a large cyst).   Turns out the cyst was a Dermoid cyst (aka Vampire Cyst as I like to call it).    It had been bleeding inside my body which is why I have been feeling so much pain.   I am so happy it is gone!!!  Now I am in recovery mode and I must say it isn't a cake walk.  I have been dealing with a great amount of pain but I am making it with the help of my hubby!
(Thank you Brad!)

Because I can't do much...not anything really...I have lots of time to think.  Because of then nature of my surgery my mind returns again and again to the years of painful infertility...not just physical pain but the emotional pain I went through as I walked my journey to motherhood.  It is interesting the life lessons that we are given.   I know without infertility I wouldn't be the Brenda I am today.   I am stronger, happier more compassionate because of my journey.    I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for helping me endure the hard places without becoming hard.    I feel peace today.

Today I am thankful to be alive, thankful I still have one ovary, thankful I can put this surgery behind me and look at the future.  For many months I have been kind of "holding my breath" wondering what is going to happen next.    I am excited to think of the fun events coming up in my life and the projects I will be working on my with family.   I feel a freedom I haven't felt in 6 months and I am so excited to be healed and get moving.  

There is something about having to look in the face at scary makes me appreciate the little things like doing my children's laundry, changing my little guys diaper, making a meal for my family.    Sometimes we get run down and tire of these everyday things but really they are the magical events that happen in a family.  Through each task we  pour our love onto our family in only a way we can do.    Right now my family is pouring love onto me and I am loving every moment of it but I can't wait to be the one pouring.

I continually learn again and again that the Lord has a plan for me and for my family.   I am not sure why I needed to go through this type of trial again ....but my heart has been reminded how much I love life!   And how much life I still have to live
I LOVE being Alive!  :)

If you have PCOS  please read this post....It is my advice to any friend with PCOS.

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Becky Jones said...

You'll be all recovered and back to full health before you know it. Take it easy and let your body recover. I'm so glad that surgery went well. Love ya!