Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Chore Cards for our Family.

About a year ago I posted this.
I received many emails asking for Emily Cushing's files
(If you missed them it isn't too late...I am still willing to email them to you.)

This cleaning system has totally helped our family.   
We have gone through times when we have done super with it and others times we have slacked but overall it has helped us all work harder.   My older kids are ready for the next step in cleaning so I have started to give them more responsibilities.   I made new chore cards to go with the more detailed work.  
Here are a few examples.

These two chore cards are used for the once a week deeper cleaning.  
Whatever my kids are in charge of for that month (like the bathroom lets say) they have to keep it tidy and check on it each day so it stays picked up and then do the deeper cleaning once a week.  Hope that makes sense.   I change room chores monthly and single chores (like Dog poop duty) each week.   This helps keep people happy with me.  :)
I created these to be 4x7 cards using Microsoft Publisher.  All photos/art comes from their program/website.  

If you would like a copy of these cards go here.   They are in Publisher format so you can tweak them to your families needs.  

 Happy Cleaning!!!

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