Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trip to Brigham City Temple for Family Home Evening

 Each Monday we have something called Family Home Evening.
This is a time when our family gets together and play games, learn about something together, watch a movie or go on a family adventure.

This past Monday we packed up the kids in the swagger wagon and headed up to Brigham City where we had the opportunity to tour the new LDS Temple. After about 90 minutes in the Van we piled out of the van and jumped on a bus.   The boys loved the bus ride and as we got closer to the Temple, Spencer could see the spires and became very excited.   
Spencer loves temples.  
 Actually we all do.  
The temple is a special part of our family.  
We believe that through a special Priesthood Ordinance that is done in the Temple our family can be together forever.  After each of our children's adoption we took them to the Salt Lake Temple and had a Sealing Ordinance done which links us together as a family even after we leave this earth.  
The Temple is a symbol of our Faith and our love for our Family.

After getting off the bus we stood in a really long line and it was really warm but it was so worth it.   The Brigham City Temple is beautiful!
I especially love the reference to the history of the Native Americans in that area of Utah. 
If you haven't had the opportunity to make it to through the tour you can view the beauty of the temple in this little clip.
The day after our family trip to the temple Spencer told me he was going to build me a temple and he did.   As you can see from the picture he was pretty happy with the temple he built.
Our Family at the Salt Lake Temple in 2010 after Spencer was sealed to our family.
This picture was taken by Leisha Kelsey Photography
Spencer comes from a family of temple Great Great Grandfather on my Mother's side helped build the Salt Lake Temple!  I am sure Grandpa Stevens is smiling down upon Spencer...excited to see his Grandson follow in his footsteps. :)

To learn more about Temples built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints go here.

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