Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"You have touched so many hearts" ~ Valentine idea

I love February. 
February signifies that spring is just around the corner.   In February my favorite shape, the heart, is everywhere along with two of my most favorite colors, pink and red.   The colors feel warm especially after coming away from January which feels kind of blue and is always cold. 

A number of years ago I had this idea to give to a few friends in my neighborhood that I visit teach. (As part of my service in my church I help watch over other women in my is called Visiting Teaching.)   I never got to finish them (don't remember why) but when I came across the hearts again I thought I would share this idea with others.  I still think it is a cute and fun thing to do for someone.  With all of the new cutters out there this project would be a piece of cake.
How to:
I made little heart pockets out of cardstock paper.  I chose white so the red and pink hearts would really pop.  But another color would look great too and even a patterned paper.  I think polka dots would be way cute!

I created slightly smaller hearts to go inside the pockets and printed their names on them.   You then have people write on the back of the heart something nice for that person.   Once you have all the hearts filled out with little messages you put them in the little pocket and attach them to a goodie and give them to your friend.  

To make the pocket I cut out two hearts the same size. 

Then used a small rectangle of card stock (Size would depend upon the size of your hearts.  My rectangle was about1 1/4 inches long and 2 1/4 wide.  My hearts are bout 3 inches.) which I scored and folded accordion style. 

Then glued one to each side

This little fun craft would be great to use for a teacher.  Have the class write something nice on a heart and then put them in the pocket and give them to the teacher along with a Valentine treat.  Would also be a fun thing to do for members of your family.
If you are like me and have created your family through adoption, this little craft would be a great way to share your family's love for the Birth Families in your life.
Happy Valentine crafting!  :)


Elizabeth said...

great idea for VT and birth families. you're so creative!!

Mariel said...

Love this Brenda...thanks for linking it up at the party! I'll actually feature it tomorrow, as well as 'pin' it. Hope you're doing well!!