Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Days with my kids.

My girls won 1st and 2nd places for their lyrical and hip hop routines at their first dance competition of the season. 

Brenley has been learning about fabric production in the 1800s.

Haley and Camden dressed up for Dr. Suess Day.  Haley went as Cindy Lou Who and Camden went as "ish" from The Foot Book. 
By the time these pictures were taken it was after school and Haley's hair had gone flat (the curls anyway) and Camden took off his
"ish" sign and the plate with the fish.  But I had to at least snap a picture to remember this fun and silly day!

Spencer has been busy being curious.
As you can see he loves to play in soap bubbles.
I found him in the bathroom with a sink full of bubbles and water all around.  He was soaked completely.
But who can get upset with a kid for just wanting a little fun?
My sink is extra clean now.

Spencer has also been busy with a few new things....throwing temper tantrums at Costco and at the Doctor's office.  This was not so fun for me...I will take the bubbly mess over the tantrums anyday.   We also tried some potty learning but that ended when I found poop frosted on my carpet in 10 different places.   He stepped in it and tried to wipe it off.  I was so happy with the way I handled it...I took care of him and then faced the stinky mess on the floor.   I didn't even get angry. 
Giving myself some drops of awesome for that!

Life has been busy at our house.  We have still had to deal with bouts of sick bugs but it seems to be slowing down.   We have some fun family plans coming up and summer fun heading our way!  I am so thankful for a full life!

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