Tuesday, January 24, 2012

By golly I think I've got it!!!

I have been trying to figure out what it is I am suppose to learn from this round of fun with my non-productive system reproductive system.    But I think I may just understand the lesson.    I need to trust.   Trust in the power of the Priesthood.  Trust in  my Heavenly Father.   Trust in my Savior...that He will not leave me alone as I go through this.    I am striving to be full of faith rather than fear.   I have my moments when it feels so scary but then I pray for help and I am blessed with the ability to move forward. 

At this point not only am I tried of dealing with this....my body is uncomfortable.   It is no fun!   I have been waiting to hear from my doctor for 1 week.   If I don't hear from him today I am suppose to call him.   For me this is such a big deal it is hard to remember my situations is not as big to others who deal with people and issues like me all day long every day.   But I am making it through and praying that the right decisions will be made!  

Today there is something happening with the cyst.  I get sharp pains once in a while and it feels different.   I guess time will tell. 

This isn't much of a post...but for a moment I needed to talk.  
Thanks for listening!

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Becky Jones said...

I love to listen! I hope to listen more tomorrow when we have our group. This is a beautiful post. The lord will never leave us alone!