Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ovarian Cysts - The pain in the butt Joys of PCOS.

I haven't wanted to blog about this...not really at all. By blogging it makes it seem more real or something. About 7 months ago I had an ultrasound done. This ultrasound showed my lining was too thick. So they did a bunch of, not so fun tests, to make sure I didn't have uterine cancer. I came out with a clean bill of health. After a lecture (that was much needed) from my Reproductive Endocrinologist (no I am not trying to get pregnant...I just continue to see an RE because I feel I get better care) about taking my provera each month to start my cycle I went home and was a good girl for 4 months in a row (lets face it...periods are yuck!). By the next ultrasound (3 months ago) my lining was just right and things were looking up. I thought "yeay, I can finally stop worrying". But then just as I was thinking that my RE discovered a little something on my ovary...the only ovary I have left. At first I thought "no big deal" because I have had plenty of cysts over the past 18 + years. But then my RE said this cyst looked like a Dermoid cyst....I call it my "vampire cyst". A Dermoid cyst can contain things like teeth and hair...what a lovely thought. :( A Dermoid cyst doesn't go away without being removed. Not fun news. But I think what I worry about the most is what if this is more than just a Dermoid cyst. What if this is cancer. I was sent home to have regular cycles again for 3 months in a row. Today I went back for my follow up ultrasound hoping the cyst turned out to be a simple cyst or was completely gone. The cyst is still there but bigger. It is taking on the look of a simple cyst more now but it still has dermoid features at the bottom. My RE is going to research through my CT scan images and my ultrasounds to see what he thinks we should do. So I wait for a phone call.

Why am I sharing this??
Because I want my fellow PCOSers to take a hint from me...
take care of your body now so it will take care of you later!
If you are not taking your meds to get a monthly cycle stop being a baby about it and take it!
If you doctor, who thinks they are an infertility specialist, tells you that you can go three months without a period tell them to go back to school and then you go find a new doctor.
If you aren't trying to get pregnant then talk to your doctor about the benefits of using Birth Control Pills to help prevent future cyst problems.
If you haven't had your 3 hour glucose tolerance test, insist on having it order and do it!
If you are suppose to be taking Metormin everyday then set some type of reminder to help you get that in your system along with some good vitamins.
Get on the treadmill, bike or go for a walk outside everyday and start eating more veggies and fruit.
I wish I would have done these things over the past 18 years! I have done everything but not consistently and not all together. I didn't take time for my health. I didn't want a period (who does?) and I didn't want to deal with my PCOS. But now I have to and now I wish I would have been better long ago about taking time to keep my body healthy. I spent so much time building my family and I would spend that time all over again...but I didn't take time out each day to build my health. I took time to love babies even though I knew they weren't staying with me and I would do it again but I didn't take time to love myself. My eyes have been opened. Once again I am learning lessons. I am worth the time and the energy. If I put more into my health I will have more time and love to give to my family and to serve my Heavenly Father. I know with God's help I will get stronger and healthier.
I just have to keep moving forward with faith.
If you are like me and have PCOS start today...get up and take control of your health.  
You will thank yourself later!
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If you have read this entire post and you are wondering -what the heck is PCOS???   Here is a place to learn more. 


Ashley said...

Would you mind if I wrote my own thoughts on my blog and linked back to this post? I needed this so badly right now.

SmallAdventures said...

Ashley, that would be just fine. :) Thank you for asking. By the way...I love your blog!

Savannah said...

I too loved going 3 months with no period, but then when it came it would stay for 4-6 weeks, not cool. I'd rather have it every month. But I still didn't do anything until my doctor mentioned a period regulation pill. That caught my attention. Turns out, that is just birth control. I've been on it for a few years now. Its not fun having a monthly, but my PCOS just screwed with me and despite my birth control, I just had a period for 8 weeks. Reminded me how much I hated it. I'm now on a different birth control that will hopefully get me regular again.

DisabilityDiva said...

oh my heavens brenda hang in there! i had pcos...but since the hysterectomy well...but a good reminder that women need to listen to their bodies and take care of oneself!!