Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Energy/Protien balls ~ Making them my way.

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you know the war I am waging on my weight....but more specifically my PCOS.   It has been off and on all year last year with roadblocks in my way that slowed me down and brought me to a hault (namely:  Spencer is hospital for almost a week,  Brad's new church responsbilities, my "vampire cyst" and finally the removal of that stupid cyst last month).    I am back battling my weight but have a new reason to be smart about what I feed myself and my family.   My daughter is having problems with her isulin levels.    Nothing is more motivating than to know your child needs help.   So there have been some big changes at our house.    We are limiting sweets, choosing higher fiber foods and eating more veggies (whether the kids know it or not is another discussion...I have gotten sneaky).   We are also moving a whole lot more!

I was recently directed to these yummy Energy Bites on my friend, Lindsey Redfern's, blog (therhouse).    They are delicious!!!   You should try them sometime!  :) Just seeing the picture made me want to eat them!  I made a half batch and loved them but realized they won't work for us because they are a little too high in fat, calories and sugars.    So last night I had a idea and I tried it today and it worked.  

Here is my version of these yummy heart healthy snacks.

(this is half a batch)
1/4 C peanut butter (I just used skippy smooth)
1/3 C (maybe a little less) brown sugar
1/8 -1/4 C warmish water
Mix together the above.

Then add...
1/4 C chickpeas that have been blended/mushed to look a little like peanut butter with 1 drop of olive oil to help blend.
1/2 C powdered milk
1/2 C Oat Flour (I make it myself by grinding it in a blender)
1 C oatmeal (I use instant but I am sure old fashioned would work too)
3/4 C mini chocolate chips

Roll into 12 large balls or a bunch of smaller ones.
Drum roll please....160 calories per large ball (when you make 12 balls or you can make 24 smaller ones at 80 calories per ball).
*Note:  The count may be a little less...it was hard to figure calories on the mushed up chick peas and my own home made oat flour but you are safe if you count 160.
When I made the half batch of the other ones I calculated the calories to be around (not exact) 250ish.   And if you love a rich snack they are fabulous and healthy.  *note...I used honey rather than Agave when using Lindsey's recipe.Thanks Leisha for getting me hooked on a new treat!   It has been fun trying new things! 

If you decide to make this recipe please let me know what you think about them ok! 


Becky Jones said...

This recipe looks fantastic. The recipe I use has peanut butter, honey, ground flax seeds, coconut, oats and chocolate chips. They are yummy but high in calories.

Unknown said...

uuuhh this do look yummy. The recipe looks easy to follow. My hubby would love these. His birthday is this weekend and I'm looking for yummy desserts to make for him. :)