Monday, February 15, 2010

Matching Mondays ~apology

I apologize for those who come here each monday to see waiting children and to those who I usually send an email to with the MM post.  I have had a busy weekend with my baby in the hospital and then trying to catch up on sleep.   I completely forgot to do MM for today.   I am so sorry.

Today Spencer was doing well enough we decided to have a fun family day.  We went out to breakfast, went bowling, played arcade games, had a fast food (with playland) dinner and then stopped off to the fabric store on the way home.   It was crazy and busy but so fun to be out together!  I kept thinking it was Saturday....then I realized it was Monday.  lol   I hope your Monday has been as fun as ours!
MM will be back again next week.

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Paula, With all my heart said...

Left you some sunshine on my blog, hope you like it.