Monday, March 16, 2015

Fresh Start

Hi there awesome friends!   I have missed you!  I have missed blogging!    But I'm back with lots to chat about.   I hope you like my blog's new look.   I wanted a fresh start and I wanted to simplify my blog and my life!  I am smack in the middle of raising my amazing kiddos and everything is about family so I decided a great way to celebrate this stage in my life is to give my blog our Initial.   In our family we says Horrocks rock!  I am so thankful to be a Horrocks!

I wanted to share what I have been up to  the past few months.

I have been busy being a Mom, a Wife, Library Tech (I work in and out of my home for over a year now), Adoption Blogger for Forever Bound Adoption Agency and I just got called to serve in my church congregation as Young Women's 1st Counselor.   I get the awesome opportunities to work with my congregation's 14 and 15 year old girls.   They are sweet, fun and keep me laughing and teach me more than I ever imagined.   I have also been acting as a nurse to my little Spencer (who is now 5) but that story will be shared later.    Needless to say,  I am one busy woman,   but I love it!

Take a moment and peek at my blog posts over at Forever Bound.  I have had lots of fun creating them and I hope they are helpful to their readers!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Christmas Baby ~ Camden's Story

In Doctrine and Covenants 88:119, the Lord tells us to “prepare every needful thing.”
Sometimes we don’t know how to prepare because
we cannot see what is ahead. But as our
family learned this past year, the Lord helps us
as we listen to and act upon His promptings. He
steps in and prepares “the needful things” that
we cannot prepare for ourselves.
Christmas 2006 was extra exciting at the Horrocks
house. We received a call from a girl who
had first contacted us through one year earlier.

When we first heard from Samantha (Sam), she was 17 and was struggling with the decision to parent or place her baby for adoption. We felt a connection to her from her first e-mail, and over time we developed a special friendship. She told us she was thinking of naming her baby Camden if it was a boy. That was the same name we had chosen. In the end, she decided to parent. We continued to talk, and she even called us the day her baby was born. She named him Camden.
When another adoption fell through for us, Sam was one of the first to call and say how sorry she was. Sam would also call periodically when she needed to talk. One call she made on Dec. 11 changed our lives forever. She had decided to place with us after all. Following a crisis-filled week and many miracles, Samantha placed her beautiful eight-month-old baby boy in our arms. We
cried tears of joy.

We had always had special feelings about Samantha and Camden. We knew they were in our lives for a reason, but we had no expectations regarding the baby. We just loved Sam because she is a wonderful daughter of God. Looking back now, we see all the preparations the Lord made for us. We find meaning in every aspect of our year,
from our feelings about Sam and our pending adoption that fell through, to the foster care classes that taught us about bonding with an older infant. And yes, we even see meaning in the eight months when Camden was not in our family.
At placement, we were informed of some legalities that would apply to Camden. But when he turned 240 days old, those issues no longer applied. Samantha’s worker unknowingly ended up calling LDS Family Services headquarters to get clearance for the placement on day 241. Camden came to our home on just the right day and not a day sooner. The Lord knew the end from the beginning, and He lovingly prepared Sam and us for this miracle.

We testify that the Lord knows each of us. He knows our hearts and our heartaches. He is preparing each of us for blessings we cannot prepare for by ourselves.
We hope that in 2007 each family and each birth mother will find what the Lord’s plan is for them. Let us move forward and have faith, keeping our eyes on Him and remembering that He gives us the best gifts!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Teaching Children Gratitude

This week is a joyful one as we gather with the ones we love and express thanks for all we have been blessed with!   Today it seems everything is at our finger tips and it is easy to forget to take a moment and show special friends and loved ones our appreciation.    Kids love to get involved in service.   I think it comes naturally to them.   Check out my latest article over at Forever Bound Adoption and find some ways you can  get your kids involved in saying
thanks this week! They will love making one of these turkey baskets. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Writing Adoption.

I just wanted to share my new adventures in writing.
I have been invited to write for Forever Bound Adoption website.   I am excited to be writing about adoption again and hope the articles are useful to couples and families.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

United For Adoption 2nd Annual Adoption Conference

November is National Adoption Awareness month!
Join United For Adoption for a day long learning feast!!!

Bring a friend and come be part of something

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Utah Safe Haven PSA....starring Spencer.

Our family had the opportunity to help with a new Public Service campaign to help promote the Utah Safe Haven Law.   So thankful we have the opportunity to give back.   We have been so blessed by this law!

Monday, June 23, 2014

My new love - Altra's Olympus shoe!

I posted this on Facebook today.  I am so excited for this new challenge!   I am looking for businesses who would be willing to sponsor my run and pay any sum per 13.1 miles I run in September.  All earnings will be donated to Hope For Fallen Leaves to go to some cuties in an Orphange located in  Monrovia, Liberia.  If you know of a business or even individuals who would like to sponsor me please leave me a comment or send me an email at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com.
My Facebook Post:
So on the 16th I bought a new pair of running shoes from the Draper SL running company story.   Thanks to awesome  John Gifford I tried the Altra brand.   Can we say...walking on clouds!   Love them!   But after a week walking and running and hiking in them my big toe on each foot was KILLING ME!  My new shoes were still new but dirty so I didn't think the store would take them back.   I walked into the SL running comp. Foothill location today and was met with a smile and tons of help from a great gal named Kim.   It turns out the reason my toes were hurting so much was that I was 2 sizes too small for these shoes. Altras I have to buy a 10!   LOL  They look more like an 81/2 but they felt soooo much better!   The dude that helped me in the other location checked me for toe space and said it was fine.....Kim checked me for toe space in the shoes I was bringing in and she instantly knew they were too small.   Hmmmm Foothill Location you have won me over!!!   I will travel for good customer service!  Oh and Kim introduced me to the Olympus....a cross over shoe build for trail running but great for open road as well.  I'm in love!!!! 

Training for this half marathon is officially on. ElkRun poster 2012 

Thanks Jan for the challenge...I have a partner and officially moving forward!
And thanks to Kim at Salt Lake Running Company Foothill are awesome!
My toes thank you too!