Monday, April 14, 2014


I hear a lot of advise, beliefs and opinions from people when I start talking about our new challenges with our son.   Tomorrow as we meet with our pediatrician we are hoping for answers.....we think the diagnosis will be Type 1 ADHD.  (What use to be known as ADD).

I have been doing a lot of reading on this topic.  I was surprised to read in "ADHD A complete and Authoritative Guide" that medication is the first line of treatment recommended for most children.   The author, Dr. Michael I. Reiff,  states " is important to consider that while many parents view placing their children on stimulant medication as a last resort- after all other measures have been tried- research has shown that such other treatments are more likely to work if the child is also taking stimulants.  By helping the child focus, stimulants lay the groundwork for him to be able to respond better to behavior management techniques, academic instruction, and other demands on his attention." (page 54-55)  

No matter what diagnosis is made and no matter what treatment path we decide to take I have learned alot about this disorder.   I am thankful for friends who are working hard everyday to help their child face their own challenges with this disorder....they have taught me so much.   Treatment methods seem to be a hot topic when it comes to ADHD.  In the end a parent needs to do what they feel is best for their child.   Support from those outside the family circle is greatly appreciated.

My friend sent me this awesome image.....I love it!!!!
Not only is it helpful for me but it is how I can explain the issue to those around us.
By sending it to me, my friend validated what I was going through as a parent ....She thought of me when she saw this and thought it might be something I could use.
I love friends like her!

Hope you might find it helpful in some was as well.
At the very is cute and pleasing to the eye.  :)

An Inside Look at ADHD
by Legionnaire.
Explore more visuals like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Empathy and Mothering

I am heartsick tonight for my little 7 year old.  
He has so many worries, so many fears.   It reminds me of someone I know.....ya, that would be ME!
I am thankful tonight for having the opportunity to "get" my child.
Anxiety, worries, fears....they have been part of my life as far back as I can remember and when I look into my little boy's big brown anxious eyes I see a little of myself.   I wish he didn't have to deal with this challenge but he does and so I count my blessing that I can say "Cam, I totally understand and it is going to be ok".   Together me and my little buddy are going to take these sour lemons and make some awesome lemonade.
I know we can because it has been done before in my own life.   With help from our loving Heavenly Father all things are possible...I know this without a doubt!

Camden had to fill out his paperwork portion for his big doctor's appointment on Monday.   Some of his answers to the questions were totally awesome and made me laugh like when it asked him if he could wish for anything  what would it be (he got to share three).   So he writes: 1.  A new sister (not going to be happening), 2.  a stuffed bunny rabbit (really??? ) and his last one 3.   Three more wishes.   I thought he would put something like a trip to Disneyland or a huge box of Legos ....but no....a new sister and a stuffed bunny??   Cracks me up!     Answers to other questions made my heart drop and left me sick to my stomach like when he said he doesn't have a best friend and kids at school don't like him.   I don't know how much of this is truly accurate but accurate or not if he really believes it then he feels it.   This understanding makes me so sad.

Tonight I am staying up late again with my 4 year old who has strep.  We are enjoying Frozen together.   Spencer is doing better tonight for which I am thankful.    It is so hard to see little people in pain.  Here again empathy helps me be a better mother....helps me be able to understand the pain  my child is dealing with.   My own challenges and pain in the end help me help my family.....never really thought about it that way before.   
So here's to lemons and might take some work but it is going to be ok!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back to my blog...and wow do I need to write!

Due to family needs Brad and I have stepped down as United For Adoption Chairs.   It was a very hard decision but our kids come first and they needed more of us...more of me.   We are still Chairs until we have a replacement. 

This prompting to let go of a few things came at a time when I could clearly see the kids needed more from me and I needed to be focused and mentally present on them and with them.   We let our Advisor (Steve Sunday who is awesome!!!)  know of our decision  and I have felt nothing but peace really.   Little did I know there was something new coming around the corner....a new challenge  adventure that would bring even more understanding that the Lord knows the end from the beginning.   The ball I was hoping would never drop....well it dropped.

Friday morning I got a call from Cam's teacher letting us know Cam was struggling and she had seen a change come about the past couple of months.   She went on to talk about examples like:   staring off at the wall, blurting out during instruction time, getting up from his chair and wandering the room, not paying attention during instruction time and then not able to do seat work because he hadn't been listening, playing with small objects (like a wood chip) rather than doing work.....the list goes on but you get the picture.   Lots of problems with attention.   What this teacher didn't know was I was seeing the same things at home.   I had just been talking to a friend the week before about how I felt that "something was different" and I was worried.   Cam has always had problems focusing to a degree.   He has always had a hard time following instructions/directions without getting side tracked but the past few months have been so much worse.   I wasn't sure what it was but once I heard from the teacher I could see the whole picture a little better.  As I listened to the teacher share with me what Camden's days were like at school my heart sank and I realized this big ball I have been worried about had officially dropped.   It has been hanging over my head since before Kindergarten started.   After a very tough adjustment to school I thought maybe this "thing" I am worrying about really isn't there.   But over time I could see signs that kind of whispered to me...."I'm here".  This ball I believe is called ADHD and I feel pretty sure Camden has the inattentive type.   We are doing lots of paper work right now and doing lots of reading, pondering and watching and lots and lots of praying.  We want Camden to have the best in life so we will look this new "adventure" right in the face and move forward and do all we can.    
We can do hard things!!!!

Speaking of hard things....I am working on a personal project right now.  I will write more about it later but you can go here to see what I have been up to.
I Count For Them

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love this quote!!!  I am totally out of my comfort zone so I guess I must be growing! 

It has been a long time since I have written here on my online home.
I have really missed it!!!
I am feeling lots of feelings lately and really need a place to express them so here I am....stopping in.
Brad and I were asked to be Chairs for and adoption organization back in  May of 2013.   Since then we have jumped in and helped build the incredible organization...even helping to hold the first annual adoption conference.   It has been a very busy 8 months.   We are learning so many new things...most of them positive....all of them helpful.   One thing I didn't expect to learn is how lonely leadership came be.   People don't always know what you have given up in your life to accomplish goals, get to meetings and serve in the quiet ways no one sees.   I am being reminded lately I can't please everyone and I also can't share why I can't please that person or that person...sometimes Brad and I know circumstances no one else knows about and we can't share the information.   So we just have to turn the other check when someone is ticked off.   As you can see I am a little frustrated....a little tired and a little crabby.  This will pass and I will feel excited and enjoy serving...but tonight I just needed to write and get it off my heart.  If feels kind of heavy.

One really fun thing Brad and I got to do in November 
was be interviewed for a radio show called "The Apple Seed".  It was so fun.   You can hear our interview in the second 30ish minutes of this radio show.  I think our story starts around minute 36 or so.

I hope I will be stopping in to post here more often...I can tell I need to share, write and express and this is my favorite place to do those things.   I have been going through many things the past few months.   I didn't realize until this week just how much writing is part of how I deal with my stress.   My blog posts aren't always peppy and happy but at least I am keeping it real. lol :)  Now I am off to watch Sunday's episode of Downton Abby.   


Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog on Hiatus.

Due to my newest adventure as Co-Chair for United For Adoption my blog is on hiatus.
All new Matching Monday posts will be on the
United For Adoption Blog
or you can view them over at
The R House Blog.
United For Adoption is holding it's First Annual Adoption Conference on November 9th.
I hope you will join Brad and me!!

Hope to be blogging here at my own online home soon.
Thanks for being here!

PS:  Please share this flier with us spread the word.  :) 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Matching Mondays ~ Sweet Brothers need a Family!

Jadien age 5 and Kadien age 4 are brothers who hope to stay together forever in a loving family.
Helpful and active are the two words that best describe Jadien! His energetic personality has the ability to put a smile on the face of others and bring laughter to his little brother, Kadien. He channels his energy and uses it to play sports like soccer or to go on bike rides and spend his time outdoors. He enjoys participating in other activities with children his age.

Jadien would benefit from an academically supportive family as he begins his schooling career.
Kadien is a very happy and lovable child! He is active and enjoys playing with his brother and children his age. He gets along well with others and likes being outside riding bikes and also enjoys coloring. Being a pleasant child makes it easy for him to get along with children and adults. When he is not outside he likes to watch TV and play video games as well as play with action figures and engage in other games with the people around him!

Jadien and Kadien are attending counseling, which would need to continue after placement. These endearing kids are looking for a family who is patient and will show them lots of love and keep them together. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.
For Utah children, only home studied families from all states are encouraged to inquire.

 You can inquire about these children by clicking on their names above to go to their profile page or you can contact The Utah Adoption Exchange by calling:  801.265.0444

Monday, September 23, 2013

Matching Mondays ~ Darling Brothers hoping for a Forever Family!

Jeremy J.
Jeremy is described as being bright and likes to be social! He also loves playing games with his brother and just laughing and having a good time! He likes to read (Percy Jackson is his favorite author) and be active. His favorite thing to watch on TV is sports.

In third grade, he enjoys school and does his best with his schoolwork! He benefits from counseling, which will need to continue after placement.
This loving and caring kiddo thrives on being with others. Jakob loves to play at the park with his brother! He is intelligent and is very good at following directions. When he is not outside he likes to be inside playing video games or watching cartoons!

Jakob is currently in the first grade and would benefit from an academically supportive family. He also benefits from counseling, which will need to continue after placement. 

 These brothers are in need of a loving and supportive home. If your family is interested in these, we urge you to inquire. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For Utah children, only home studied families from all states are encouraged to inquire.

 You can inquire about these children by clicking on their names above to go to their profile page or you can contact The Utah Adoption Exchange by calling:  801.265.0444