Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Utah Safe Haven PSA....starring Spencer.

Our family had the opportunity to help with a new Public Service campaign to help promote the Utah Safe Haven Law.   So thankful we have the opportunity to give back.   We have been so blessed by this law!

Monday, June 23, 2014

My new love - Altra's Olympus shoe!

I posted this on Facebook today.  I am so excited for this new challenge!   I am looking for businesses who would be willing to sponsor my run and pay any sum per 13.1 miles I run in September.  All earnings will be donated to Hope For Fallen Leaves to go to some cuties in an Orphange located in  Monrovia, Liberia.  If you know of a business or even individuals who would like to sponsor me please leave me a comment or send me an email at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com.
My Facebook Post:
So on the 16th I bought a new pair of running shoes from the Draper SL running company story.   Thanks to awesome  John Gifford I tried the Altra brand.   Can we say...walking on clouds!   Love them!   But after a week walking and running and hiking in them my big toe on each foot was KILLING ME!  My new shoes were still new but dirty so I didn't think the store would take them back.   I walked into the SL running comp. Foothill location today and was met with a smile and tons of help from a great gal named Kim.   It turns out the reason my toes were hurting so much was that I was 2 sizes too small for these shoes. Altras I have to buy a 10!   LOL  They look more like an 81/2 but they felt soooo much better!   The dude that helped me in the other location checked me for toe space and said it was fine.....Kim checked me for toe space in the shoes I was bringing in and she instantly knew they were too small.   Hmmmm Foothill Location you have won me over!!!   I will travel for good customer service!  Oh and Kim introduced me to the Olympus....a cross over shoe build for trail running but great for open road as well.  I'm in love!!!! 

Training for this half marathon is officially on. ElkRun poster 2012 

Thanks Jan for the challenge...I have a partner and officially moving forward!
And thanks to Kim at Salt Lake Running Company Foothill are awesome!
My toes thank you too!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Talking "Utah Safe Haven Baby" with KSL's The Browsers.

I had a fun opportunity to talk about Utah's Safe Haven Law with my amazing friend Amy Iverson who
Co-Hosts the radio show The Browsers on KSL Newsradio.   Brad and I have been so very blessed by this amazing and life saving law, we are thankful for the opportunity we have to give back.

As I have mentioned before Spencer, our 4 year old, is a "Safe Haven Baby" or better yet....
He is a Safe Haven Miracle!    
We love what KSL has been doing to help promote and educate about the Safe Haven Law.  
You just never know when the information will be needed and who's life it may save.

The REALity of ADHD.

I have grown up understanding what ADHD looks like.  I became an Aunt when I was 9.  My cute little active and energetic nephew was diagnosed with ADHD sometime in early elementary.   I remember my sister telling me her first real experience in seeing the difference medication can make in her child.  She said she took Josh to the mall and he held her hand the whole time.   He wasn't running around....he was calm.   Maybe this is why medication didn't scare me much.   I am thankful for that.    I am also realizing ADHD is way more than what I thought.  

One of the big challenges at our house is helping the our other kids understand what Camden is really dealing with.   One of my friends sent me this link:  If your friend's say they have adhd just show them this..   When I read this I laughed out loud and thought "This is my Camden to a T!"  I love how the author states that ADHD is like "Living in a soft rain of post-it notes."   I have used this to help my older kids grasp why Camden can't always remember what he is suppose to do and he has a lot to say.    It is a work in progress. 

We are trying a new medication for Cam.  So far it seems to be working really well.  He is making new friends, doing well in school and working hard to develop his "responsibility skills".   I am excited about the progress and try to remember when we have a hard day that "Rome wasn't built in a Day".

We have made a final decision on school.  After looking at all the options and researching and reading and praying we are going to give public school another go.   We will start next school year with a 504 plan in place and our school is being fantastic about choosing the right teacher for Cam.  I feel like we are heading in the right direction.   I will also be in the classroom on a very regular basis to help the teacher and to have the opportunity to observe and see what skills we might need to work on at home.    One great thing about going through all we did as we were trying to make the best decision for our son...we learned a lot about homeschooling.   I know I could do it if we needed to for any reason.
I find great peace in that knowledge!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Maybe it is human nature or maybe it is just in my nature but when I feel hurt, upset or angry about something... I pull back.   I am pulling back right now....I am retreating or gathering myself together and making decisions about how I want to proceed from this point on.   I also need to write.   Writing brings a release for me.   I am thankful to have a place to write and to retreat.....a place to say what I need.

As I have posted recently we are working with a doctor to help my son with his ADHD and anxiety.  What I didn't state was there are issues at school that have exacerbated his challenges 10 fold.    About the same time Cam's ADHD symptoms really came out with red blinking lights a new child was brought into his class.  This child was in another teachers classroom but I am guessing this child became too much for that teacher.  From what I can tell now....this child probably has a pretty difficult diagnosis and the school is doing what they can for them.    For whatever reason this child has been a huge source of conflict for Cam.  And when there is a substitute involved.....Cam seems to get the raw end of the deal.   He has been kicked in the face by this kid (nothing happens to the kid), then the sub in that "rotation" kept my son after class and was rude to him and stated they hope they never have to sub for that class or school again.   I report to the office...I have no idea what happened if anything.   I am guessing after today's super fun time (I say wish sarcasm dripping) somehow Cam was probably blamed for things that day as well.  I don't want to go into is a Sub says vs Cam says situation.   I have no idea what really went on.   I am guessing the truth lies in the middle somewhere.   But I can say this....I am tired.    Tired of guessing what is really going on at school.  I am tired of feeling like I am not heard.  I am tired of having to figure out how to help my child stay away from kids who are mean or who have challenges difficult enough they are making challenges for other children.   I feel badly for these kids who struggle that much.   I am sure their parents are tired too.   But I am not their parent....I am Cam's parent.   I am Cam's advocate.   It is time for Brad and I to make some big decisions about our child's education, mental well being and make a plan.    I don't know if this will mean having a big meeting at school, or looking at other schools as an option or maybe even homeschooling.   Thankfully there are many resources.    I just know I am done hearing stories about my child hiding  in the coat room all recess because in his words "It is dangerous out there!"

I was told yesterday by Cam's teacher that "No.   Medication is not making a difference. He is still easily distracted."   Good feedback but I felt deflated.   I could see some difference at home...but she saw none.   The words felt cold.  

I am ready for school to be out for the summer.  I am ready to gather my little chicks and nurse their wounds from the year and feed them love and fun and carefree days.   It will be healing for me as well as for them.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Safe Haven Law - Utah

We had the opportunity this past week to help promote Utah's Safe Haven Law.
We had alot of fun.
We hope it makes a difference and helps save!
Spencer is a "Safe Haven Baby".  His Birth Mother is one of the most courageous women I have ever met!
We are so thankful for her gift and we send our love to her!

The story was also published in the Deseret News online and then today we learned it was in print in the 2nd section of today's paper.
You can read the article here.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Richard Piatt for doing such an awesome job!!
By the way....Richard Piatt is very tall!  6 foot 6 inches.
 And he is super nice!
In case you ever wondered.  lol :)