Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to our Funny Farm!

Lately Haley has been giving me some really good laughs. I have decided I wouldn't be selfish and share the funny little things that are said by my cute 5 year old.

Last week as we left an appointment in the Provo area we were at a stop light and Haley says "Mom look..look at that old man!" I am trying to turn right so I sort of look but I don't see anyone who looks "old" to me. I turn right and she says excitedly "He is one of our ancestors!!" She is quiet for a moment then spouts out "Nana and Papa are old...are they are ancestors too?!" By this time I am laughing but trying not to let her know about it. And wondered with a grin what my parents are going to think about being referred to as "old" and an "ancestor". I reply "Yes, I guess they are our ancestors." Haley then states "Yeah, I finally got to meet one of our ancestors!!".

Yesterday I was taking a morning nap after a long night of being sick. Haley wakes me up abruptly by saying "Mom, Mom there is someone at the door who wants to talk to you.....it is a girl.....it is a HUMAN!!". The way she said "HUMAN" and the fact that she referred to the person at the door as a human made me laugh all day long. Even now I find it very entertaining.

I had more to share...but at the moment my mind went blank. I will add the rest when I can remember.

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