Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lessons Learned and Blessing Counted!

This has been an up and down month for our family. We are getting a baby....we aren't getting a baby. We think there is a chance we get to keep Baby A. with us.....we know there is no chance of adopting her. Trials seem to be the best teachers.

I learned...
Once again not to count my chickens before they are hatched and not to give up when you know you are heading the right direction.

That when voices all around you are saying yes...the voice that I need to listen to is the voice that I feel inside that is clear and leaves me with understanding in my heart.

Even though what I am doing is what I am suppose to be doing right now doesn't mean it is going to be easy or I will get my way.

That nothing is more important than my role as wife and mother....even though other people say differently.

God has put me here for many reasons and I many things left to unfold.

That I can live through the pain as long as my Savior is with me.

I have also been counting my blessings and I am amazed at what the Lord has done with me and for me. I realize just how easily I love others and I realize it is because He loved me first. Just like a child who has bonded with a parent and then is placed for adoption (like my little Cam) bonds quickly and easily with his/her new parents. They love easily because they were loved before....we can love easily because the Lord loved us first. I love Baby A. I don't get to be her Mother forever but for today I am. She will love easily because we love her now. I will never forget the chance I have had to mother her.

Life has taken me many places the highs and the lows....but it continues to take me forward. So I will continue to count my blessings while I move forward and learn more lessons.


Adrienne said...

You seriously are such an amazing and wonderful woman and mother. Our Father in Heaven truly blesses you and you bless so many others because you are you, just they way Heavenly Father created you.
I love ya,

arianne said...

you are truly an amazing woman Brenda! what a great attitude for you to have when you could be looking at the negative you are looking towards the positive things! you are amazing!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. that one is our adoption blog, you can go to this one and see our family blog

we DO need to get together for lunch one of these days!! Do you ever hear from Emily? I have been missing her lately!!

Melissa said...

Hi Brenda,
I was pleased to find your link from Tina's blog. I have lost touch with you and didn't even realize you had adopted Camden! He is a little cutie and I love his name. The girls have gotten so big. I think the last time I read an update you were waiting for a baby to be born, but I don't think you even knew the gender. Wow, how time flies. I don't have a blog, but you and Tina may have inspired me! My little Ansley will be 2 next month. Give Brad and the kids big hugs from me.

I know we don't know each other hardly at all since I live in Florida and we've only physically met once. But I still love reading what the family is up to.

Tina and Sal's family said...

I am really sad to hear that you are not getting the baby, I was looking forward to our little girl having someone her age!! But I hope everything works out for them!! Thanks for the name suggestions, that is actually one that we had thought of!! We are thinking that we are going to have to wait until she is born to see what she looks like!!

Anonymous said...

You're a GREAT Mom! And you are doing your best, I know it. Don't you just love life's lessons...? I know that sometimes they can be tough and at least for me, hard to swallow are doing a better job than I did! I could not agree more with you on your sweet post!