Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You may notice something new off to the left of my blog.
There are days when I look back at all I have climbed through and I catch a glimpse of what the Lord has done with me.
This little
"I AM" came to me while working on my other blog (My "I AM" blog I guess you could say).

I decided I wanted to share.

*Note Added 9-5-08: This "I AM" was created by me for me personally . For any of my friends who would like to use it on their blog...please feel free. You are also free to visit my "I AM" blog by clicking on the "I AM" box to the right.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hi Brenda! I am finally checking out your blog!! :-) I LOVE your I AM icon!! Where did you get it? I would LOVE a copy to put on my blog. It's SO TRUE that we are all of those things and you can't take ANY of them out of the equation!! I LOVE IT!