Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been working on our nursery for a while now. Tomorrow I am finally adding paint. Originally this nursery was for a baby or babies that may come and go or stay through foster care. But now there is a certain special baby in mind. A baby that I love more than I can express! She is the Sunshine of our days! We love the babbling, the huge grins and the high pitch (and may I add loud) squeals! Our lives revolve around this baby....from Brad to me and each of our kids....everyone loves Baby A.! We don't know if our favorite baby will be staying with us...all we can do it hope, pray and have faith that the Lord will guide all things and His will is always better than our own.

Tonight when I closed the door to the nursery my stomach felt tight and I felt a tugging on my heart. I hope someday soon I will be putting our little sleeping beauty to bed in her new room and know that will be exactly where she will be sleeping each night!

I Love you Baby A!
Sleep Tight....Sweet Dreams!

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