Monday, December 22, 2008

Being Two.

We have had a rough few weeks with Camden.
He is 2 & 1/ I need to say more?
Yesterday was EXTRA trying.
He went from taking apart the decorations on the tree
emptying the diaper bag
writing on the wall with pens
opening presents under the tree.
Needless to say we went to bed last night very frustrated.
I decided to do whatever I needed to today to spend positive time with Camden
watch him like a hawk.
Today was much better!!
Tonight as I was helping Camden with his prayers I said;
"Bless our Prophet, President" and he finished by saying "Monson, that he will be cute."
I love my 2 year old!


Leisha said...

Hang in there woman. I have one of those little tornados too. They do grow up and stop trashing everything they can get their hands on though. Oh the curiosity and energy of a boy!

Tricia said...

Boys are so fun! I found with my three, if I wore them completly out each day with lots of physical activity, my days went better...
we ate at Mcdonalds ALOT! so they could play in the playground! :)
Good luck! It's all worth it!