Monday, February 2, 2009

January Health

I am so glad it is Febuary!
It means we made it through January with NO ILLNESS.
This is a first in probably 6 years.

I had always heard about RSV but I didn't realize why it is such a scary illness until Haley came down with it in the winter of 2003. She was just under 3 months old when she started having a running nose that was like a fountain. After a few days into the virus she just seemed different and I felt worried all day. I didn't realize it at the time but as I look back I know Heavenly Father was prompting me to call the doctor. When I spoke with a nurse she had me count Haley's breaths while she timed it. When I told her what the number was she said "Brenda you need to find a place for your older daughter and you need to get your baby up to primary childrens right away". I was so scared! I called my Mother in Law who came and picked me up and dropped me off and took Brenley with her to her house. I was so thankful for my MIL that day. I was so exausted from sick kids that winter and I didn't want Brenley around a bunch of sicko's so knowing she was going somewhere safe from germs helped me more than she could have known. It also allowed me to focus on Haley. Haley ended up spending a couple of nights and 3 days there in the RTU (rapid treatment unit). The nurses would come in and "swab" Haley's nose to test and see what virus we were dealing with. I thought "swab" well that can't be too bad. BUT NO....their definition of swab and mine are COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT. They shoved some long tube down her nose to and hooked it up to some suction thing. They sucked her nose out ALOT and even got blood. Haley HATED it! She screamed! They did this for about 2 days to keep her breathing better....and I always felt so sad because she would smile really big for the nurses and then they would get her with the suction. But true to Haley's sweet nature she continued to be a happy girl when they were all done. I couldn't wait to get out of the hospital!

From that year on January and Febuary have been named the H. Family RSV months! Febuary especially. Up until this year Jan and Feb have been our sick months where we would end up paying hundreds of dollars in co-payments and medicines OTC and prescriptions. So I want to tell *Him* from who all blessings flow.....Thank You so much for blessing us with Health this past month and I will continue to pray for good health. I really can't express how grateful I am for this blessing!

During these years of excessive winter illness I turned many times to this site for good info. If you have sick kids and need a little info take a peek it is a great place for parents! observation.
I have noticed with Ashanti and now with "little edward" that they are extremly healthy babies!
I KNOW Heavenly Father is very aware of His little ones and I feel strongly that these little babes are blessed with what they need while they sit in limbo.
I am so grateful that little edward hasn't been grateful!
Thank You Heavenly Father for blessing us with health in our home this past month!

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Kim said...

My memmy had RSV at nine days fun whatsoever. Glad you have been blessed this year.