Thursday, April 9, 2009

Available Adoption Situation...Baby born in Feb.

This is Jaelyn.
He is a baby who needs a family.

click above to read about Jaelyn.
His case is with an agency called Spence-Chapin.
They do all types of adoptions and have been doing adoptions for many many years.
Little Jaelyn is a waiting child in their special needs program called ASAP.
Jaelyn has very minimal special needs…if you are home study ready you can email in an application to be considered to adopt this darling baby boy.
I have seen many situations posted by this agency…this one sounds really good.
ASAP fee's are very minimal.

Please let me know if you send in your application. I would love to hear how things go.
I don’t have a home study that I can share with anyone other than another state agency so I am sad that I will miss out on this little guy!
I am starting to think I need another home study.
I hope someone who reads this goes for this little boy!
Please pass this along to friends who are hoping to adopt.


Christine said...

Oh! I wish we could adopt him, he's only 3 days younger than my baby, it would be like having twins! We have a current homestudy, too! My dh just graduated from college, but he doesn't have a job yet so we can't take on more expenses of having another baby yet... I posted a link on my blog though, I'll let you know if I hear anything and you let me know if you hear anything. Maybe dh will get a job offer today and we can send in our homestudy. :)

Brenda said...

I wish you were adopting him too! Honestly I wish I was adopting him. But by the time I got another homestudy he would already be placed I think. Thank you for posting it on your blog!!! I love happy endings (or I guess this would be beginings) so I hope we hear his family has been found. :)

Fostervision said...

We found your blog through Ron and Jessica, we went through our classes with them for our home study. I fell in love with his little picture, and we filled out the application today online. Crossing our fingers and toes that we have a chance, he is adorable!!!!! Thanks for posting , we had never heard of this agency!

smallred1 said...

I don't know how things will work out but we have a current homestudy and I had it faxed in to them today. We also filled out the pre-application form with the agency online too. Anyway, I am not sure if we are what the birthmom is looking for but he is sure a cute little guy! I guess we will wait and see what happens. Thanks for posting the information about him.

mrs. r said...

sent this to all my "hoping to adopt" couples. keeping my fingers crossed.

i saw the matching monday button! i want to EAT it. it is SOOO cute. let me know if i can use it too!!

Brenda said...

Ok I am reading your comments and I have lots of tears. I have been thinking about this little guy so much!!! I am so glad you guys got your information to them!!!! Please keep me posted and if you don't mind please email me with your thoughts on any interaction/coorepondance you have with spence-chapin. I hope your expereinces will be far that is all I hear about them. :)
mrs. r thank you so much for forwarding it!!! And of course you can use the button!!!! :)

Matt & Darla said...

What an absolutely adorable little guy! I pray that he will end up in the family he is meant to be in. We've also applied for him.............Good luck to everyone!