Monday, April 27, 2009

Matching Monday

Waiting Children....are they waiting for YOU?
I always struggle to decide who to highlight each Monday.
So many children and each face is beautiful and hopeful.
I think I am guided to find who I end up finding to highlight each week....but today I know I was.

I have felt very strong feelings about showing this first little girl. She is considered medically fragile because of her special needs....but please don't let labels make you pass her by.
This little girl has caught my eye from the first time I saw her online. I think about her alot and I am hoping someone who sees this is THE family that God has prepared for her!
I am praying for her!
Please take a moment and read about her.

Cierra is 5 years old.
Cierra is a beautiful little girl who needs a family who will love and care for her.
Is your family the one she has been waiting for?
Please click here and read more about this sweet little girl.

Jacoby, Cabrina and Tybreana ages 10, 8 & 7
These siblings enjoy being together.

Deddrick is 9 years old.
He loves basketball, football and riding his scooter.
He likes to attend church and eat at McDonald's.

Tawnie M. is 14 years old.
She enjoys dancing, music and cooking.
Tawnie was recently baptized a member of the LDS church.

Remember to be proactive...if you inquire about a waiting child and don't hear from anyone contact the case worker. Bug them if you have to! :)
Please let me know if you inquire about any of the children highlighted on Matching Mondays.
Now get clicking :)....we don't want to keep these children waiting!


Malone and Brittany said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to thank you for your Matching Mondays features. We are inquiring about little Wykie who you posted about at the end of March to see if he would be a good fit for our forever family. Thank you again!

Countless Tomorrows said...

I am in love with each of those children. The sibling group - WOW they look so cute. I really appreciate you doing this every Monday.

Paula said...

Hey Brenda
Just wanted to let you know I inquired about Robin even though I am in Alabama. Thanks for posting I will keep you updated.