Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

I am up here in Idaho visiting my parents.
My kids love to come to Nana & Papa's farm!
Last night one of the sheep gave birth to two lambs. We got to see them right after they were delivered but it was too dark to take pictures...so no pictures.
I enjoy coming up here and just hanging out...especially if we don't have many places to go.
I love having a place where there are no demands...no extra responsibilities...just me and my family.
The only problem about the visiting this beloved farm is the Internet connection.
Can we say TURTLEEEE connection!!!!!
So even if I had pictures of the lambs it would take all day to post them.
I noticed a comment about the button not working..I apologize for that...I didn't realize it wasn't.
When I get home and can use a high-speed connection I will try to fix whatever I did wrong.
I also realized I didn't add the state name on the Matching Monday waiting kids.
Sorry...I was trying to do too much on Easter day to get ready to come up to visit the family.
Camden decided to sneak out of the house after Easter dinner and we didn't realize he was gone. We thought Cam was outside int he backyard.
But no....he decided to put on his sisters church shoes and walk to the park.
Now wouldn't that have been a great picture!!
Before we found him we were worried, crying and getting ready to call 911.
I am so thankful he is safe!
I didn't know if I should spank him or just hug him all day.
I hugged him!
On another topic...
I am so excited about all of the families who sent their information to try to adopt baby Jaelyn!
It makes my heart SING!!!!!!
Thank You for keeping me posted!
mrs.r you rock!!
Thank you for all you are doing!

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mrs. r said...

no worries! love you too. we are a great team, are we not?