Monday, May 4, 2009

Matching Monday

Elizabeth is 1 year old.
She loves to be cuddles and enjoys being outside.

Fredrick is 21 months old.
Needs a family to help him reach is full potential.
He loves to cuddle and enjoys musical toys.

Christian, Keydan, Miking, Sean ages 7, 4, 3 & 1.
These active and fun brothers would like to be placed together.

Abias & Chassiya are 6 year old twins.
Would like to be placed together.
Preference to a family in Wisconsin.
So if you don't live in the prefered area but know someone who does please share this info. And if you are interested in these twins but don't live in Wisconsin I would still send in an inquiry...never hurts to try. :)
The wisconsin site doesn't allow me to link you directly to the kids information page. Please click on their names and search their database for Abias and Chassiya.

Steven is 13 years old.
He cares about others and enjoys helping his foster dad out with projects.

Remember to be proactive when inquirying about waiting children.
If you don't hear anything after you send your inquiry call the caseworker.

As always I love hearing about makes my heart SING!!!


Deborah said...

Hello, I just found your site, it's wonderful! I'm from Canada, and in our province they can't even show children who are waiting for adoption. I hope one day they will realize what a difference it makes to see a 'real live' child, rather a 'write up' with a file number!

Brenda said...

Hi Deborah! I am so glad you found my blog! Welcome!! I hope you come back often. I have a friend I serve on a national adoption board with and she is from Canada and has told us this sad fact about children not being able to be shown online. I agree with you and believe it makes a big difference. A face makes all the difference in the world. :)
Thank You for your sweet comments!

Becky said...

Oh my sweetness.....these kids are so beautiful! I hope they find a loving family soon!!!!