Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today we celebrate Mothers but it is really their Mothering that makes this day special.
What would a Mother be without the nurturing, service....the love.
I have many Mothers in my life.
But I want to tell you about MY Mom...her name is Patsy and she has been my greatest example of Mothering.
She loves me for me, loves everything I do that is good or honorable.

Growing up I was full of anxiety and worries over things that were silly. During my junior high years I would run home for lunch and my Mom would greet me with a warm bowl of macaroni and tomatoes. It always tasted so good. But the best part was that she would sit with me and eat some too. We would talk eat and watch a rerun of "I Love Lucy" and then I would head back to school. During my high school years my mom would come and meet me for lunch on days that were extra trying or when I just needed a friend.

As an adult my Mom has been just a phone call away to help me vent or find a solution to a problem and then there is always the phone calls about a recipe or how to cook a turkey. It seems like whatever question I have had my Mom had an answer. I love that about my Mom!

There was one problem my Mom couldn't solve and she couldn't make it all better....
my inability to get pregnant.
But my Mom was one of our greatest cheerleaders as we move forward towards adoption. She always taught me about adoption and how it was a loving decision. I will be forever grateful for those lessons. It was almost like she knew that someday I would need to know what adoption was all about.

I remember when we were taking the adoptive parents classes for our first adoption. All of the information was so new and we were learning so much. It came time for the class where we got to hear from a few Birth Mothers. I wanted my Mother to be there to hear about Birth Mothers so much...but she lived 3 hours away and I knew she wouldn't be able to make it. The day of the class I had this reoccurring thought that my Mom would be coming to the class. There was no reason for me to think this but I did. As we sat in the LDS Family Services classroom ready to learn from these Birth Mothers something caught the corner of my eye...I looked over and there was my Mom all smiles and excited that she had surprised us. I cried. It meant so much to me to have her with us at that class. My Mom already respected adoption but there on that day her testimony of adoption began to grow. She is now an adoptive advocate, a Adoptive Grandmother to 3 children and a Birth Great Grandmother. Her 1st Great Grandchild was placed for adoption in September of 2002 just six weeks before Haley was placed into our family.
Today her testimony of adoption has grown and she is not afraid to speak up or speak out to support or encourage adoption.
I love my Mother and I am so grateful Heavenly Father allowed me to be raised by such a special and kind and fun person!
She is a great example of what Mothering means.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!
Thanks for all you have done for me and my little family!

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