Monday, June 29, 2009

Matching Mondays

Lamaya age 3 this one is pretty personal for me. We have had our eye on Lamaya for a few months now. We inquired and heard back from the Tampa Bay heart gallery but never the caseworker. Then all of the sudden Lamaya wasn't online anymore so we thought she was placed with a family. Then about 2 weeks ago she appears (or at least that is when I noticed) online again. We emailed the heart gallery asking if they place their younger children with out of state families...they replied that they did. They told us they were forwarding our inquiry along. We have never heard from anyone except the heart gallery. I have to admit I am sad about that but maybe we just aren't the right family. So today I share Lamaya's information with you because maybe YOU are the right family. I dont' know how to explain how I feel but I have a love for this little girl and I want her to have a family. I hope you hear something from the caseworker. Let me know if you inquire and for sure let me know if you end up being THE family.

Blake age 9
Blake enjoys many sports and when asked what a family means to him he stated; "They love you". In Blake's own words the most important thing he wants people to know about him is; "I'm a good kid."
Washington DC
Isaiah age 4
This site doesn't allow me to link you directly or link you to his photo..please go to the link and look for him on the 2nd page.
Isaiah loves to interact with other and is affectionate. He loves to go to school.

Sibling of 7 ages 14 -2
Click on the link and then scroll down a bit. This site doesn't allow me to link you directly.
These darling children want to stick together and need a family. Can you imagine being part of such a large family and then have to be spilt apart? Please share the information and link for sibling group with others. These children need extra special parents!
Jasmin is 1 year old.
This picture isn't a great one...but you can tell she is a cutie!
Jasmin is an easy baby to care for who needs a family to love her.

This past week we inquired about a sibling group of 2 and we heard about another situation that we were excited about. We were not chosen for the 2nd situation and still waiting to hear back about the sibling group. My heart has taken a rollercoaster ride. I have thought about all of you who are hoping for a child...whether it be a newborn or a 16 year old it is hard to hang on to that hope somedays. I understand that feeling...and I want you to know how amazing you all are for moving forward holding on to Faith. I am grateful to know I am not riding this rollercoaster alone....thank you for your comments and support! Please keep me posted as you move forward....I love to hearing from you!!
Remember to be proactive.....share their information and enjoy your ride. :)

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