Monday, June 8, 2009

Matching Mondays

Tali is 8 years old.
She is a compassionate child who loves to be a helper.

Cole & Brendon ages 4 & 2.
These little guys are cheerful, charming and full of energy.
They would like to grow up together.


Tyeisha wants to write and illustrate books after college, Jayleisha is learing to spell in first grade and shares her sisters love of writing and drawing.


Lloyd age 11.
This handsome guy is easy to please and described as being "very loving".

I also wanted to start occasionally highlighting a site with waiting children. Some sites are harder to link you to a specific child. Kansas site is one of those. They have some really great kids on there....take a moment and learn about them.

Remember to be proactive.
Advise from Kathy Searle (The Utah Director of Programs for The Adoption Exchange)"If you have made an inquiry follow up with the agency about 4 weeks later. They should be able to give the worker a little nudge or give you information that the case worker didn't have time to get to you. Please please please don't give up our waiting children are depending upon you."To read more of what Kathy had to say from this post go here.Please keep me posted. :)

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