Friday, June 5, 2009

An office like Fort Knox.

I don't know if it is just me
if all foster parents feel this way when they go to their local DCFS office.
when I go to one office in particular I feel like the people behind the door...behind the glass are afraid of me and that I need to be feared because I might be a bad guy.
Today it really irritated me!!!
I go into the "front lobby" which is really just this tiny small square space with about 4 chairs....2 on one side 2 on the other. When I walk in with my kids all the chairs are taken by another foster family....all of them were very nice and we joked around a bit.
I go to use the phone so I can get a hold of my RFC and realize there are no phone numbers on the wall anymore. I guess I am suppose to have his number memorized. I noted that in my brain that already is packed with mental notes. So then I dial the only number I can find anywhere near the phone hoping they can help me. I get a lady who finally shows up at the door but acts weird. Then after she helps me I realized I gave her the wrong paperwork and had to knock. She worked with me to straighten my mistake out..she was helpful. I am not really complaining about how she treated is just this feeling I get when I come to this "I am not wanted" or something. Then I held the door open for a lady who was with the other foster mom....the lady needed to use the bathroom and wow it was like someone was trying to break in or something. The lady who helped me said "who let you in?". Once we explained she was just needing the rest room all was well.
Now if you are my friend who happens to know which dcfs I am referring to please don't put me on the "bad foster mom list" . :) I just left this place so frustrated. I wish each employee at this office would welcome foster parents in and let us get or do whatever we need to rather than treating us like an offender. I am a friendly person....I am just trying to do what is expected of me. I just want to be treated kindly and warmly. I already feel like the bad guy in some court rooms...please just help foster parents feel welcomed in their own local office.

On a more positive note....there are a few workers who know me at this particular office and they always make me feel if they come to the door I breath a sigh of relief! I am very grateful for the friendly people behind the door! :)

Maybe they should give us a badge to wear when we come to the office...something that shows who we are.


Anonymous said...

I like your post, its funny. Many of the other DCFS offices are just as bad FYI. I sometimes avoid the door near our "lobby" because I don't want anyone to think I'm rude for not letting them in :) But the truth is, I am rude cause I don't want to answer the door cause it could be "the enemy."

My suggestion is just knock on the door since there are some weird people who answer the phones (they don't post numbers anymore because none of the workers have desk phones)

Anonymous said...

At least you don't have to go to the Ogden DCFS Office which is located in between not one, not two, but THREE different gang territories! No kidding- I learned that from our trainer.