Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I came really close to having a really bad accident on the freeway.
A woman in a big white truck came over into my lane and didn't stop...I don't think she ever saw me. I thought for sure we were going to be hit!!! I am still not even sure how it DIDN'T happen.

Today I felt the protection of my Heavenly Father....I felt that someone helped me maneuver my van in a way that kept us from being hit. I couldn't have done it myself.

Today I am so thankful we said family prayer this morning....asking to be watched over and protected in our travels and activities.

Today I saw another miracle and I know God lives and He answers prayers!

Today I am so thankful for my life and the lives of my children!

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JaeJay said...

Thank Heaven for miracles! I am glad to know you are ok.