Sunday, July 12, 2009

Creating Awareness for this site....
Have you been to this site yet?
It took a few years but it got a great looking face lift!
I has also gotten some attention very recently....YEAH!!!!!

Go here to read the article.
Go here to see the website.

We got to help with the web content....
Picture of our kiddo's is found here.
Story on how we were ready to adopt is found here.
Q&A section: found here.
There might be other sections we are in but these are the ones I am aware of.

My favorite part of the site is found here.
I love Birth Mothers!

I am grateful we got to help with this was a special opportunity for a cause that has blessed our lives over and over again.
And as we say in the Small Adventures Home
Adoption means...
More Loved!
go here to see why

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