Monday, August 31, 2009

Matching Mondays

Are you hoping for an Adoption Miracle?
So are these cuties!
Take a peek and consider the possibilities.....

Devin, Cruz, Elida, & Sabina ages 8, 7, 5 & 4.
Devin, Cruz, Elida, and Sabina are a great foursome with a lot of love to give. They are a sibling that long to be together forever. Devin, Cruz, Elida, and Sabina will do well in a family with few or no other children. They interact well with pets and all four make friends easily. These children need a family who can committ to help them individually to succeed and excell. They need to feel loved, accepted, and become part of a family unit. They need clear and consistant boundaries and positive reinforcement. They desire a family who will provide them with stabilty and guidance as needed and most importantly keep them together.

Megan age 15.
Megan is a bubbly, loving, friendly girl who likes to be around people her age and with individuals she can identify as family. Megan is a resilient person and is slowly overcoming disappointments that she has had to face in her life. Megan likes to play volley ball in school, dance to all kinds of music, wear makeup, and try different hair designs. She is in the dance club at school and wants to try out for the school drill team next year. While she is a good student, Megan needs encouragment to build good study habits. She has difficulty in school and may need guidance and assitance to learn ways to interact in a classroom setting.

Aschley age 10.
Lovable and engaging are the best ways to describe this fun girl. Aschley has a great sense of humor, is very friendly, and loves showing affection. She enjoys sewing and crafts but her personal favorite is playing outdoors. Her imagination shines when playing house or with her dolls. This child has a passion for animals and an even greater zest for people.

Jada & Cameron ages 3 & 2.
Jada is an active and inquisitive child. She has positive relationships with adults and children, often offering hugs and affection. Jada is bonded to her brother, Camron, and enjoys playing with him and giving him hugs. Camron is a happy little guy who responds favorably to a consistent daily routine and nurturing care. He is an active boy who generally smiles and is in a good mood. He is easy going, and not very demanding. He responds well to his sister and other children. He has always lived with his big sister, Jada, and is bonded to her.


From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

Jada and Cameron are so cute. I would love to adopt them but I live in Michigan and they live in California. Is this something that you would think DHS could handle doing an out of state adoption? Not sure how to go about this if I persude it. Have any suggestiong?

Brenda said...

CA will do out of state. I would just inquire and then ask questions when they contact you. If you don't hear back in a couple of them. :) Good Luck!!!

Christine said...

We were going to inquire about Jada and Camron, but they are already off the site! That's so good for them, and motivation for us to get our homestudy updated since we moved!! Thanks for doing this, one of these days we'll find our next child(ren) perhaps from your list!!