Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trading Prayers

It was the final day of the FSA National Conference for 2009.
Today we got to listen to Troy Dunn speak.
He was incredible, funny and testified about the the love and sacrifice that is involved in adoption.
I think my favorite part of his talk today was his story about how his mother explained how adoption works. His mother called it
"Trading Prayers".
This is the perfect expression for what infant adoption is.....there is a girl/woman who is pregnant and not ready to be a mother and then there is a family somewhere praying to have a child come into their family...the two become an answer to one another prayers.
Isn't that how the Lord usually answers our prayers...using someone else as a tool?
I am very grateful for Brother Dunn and his willingness to come and speak to us today! When transcripts are available I will let you know!

I am exhausted tonight but I feel so good about what went on yesterday and today!
I sat in on some great classes and feel spiritually uplifted
I Love FSA!!!!

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dust and kam are hoping to adopt! said...

The FSA Conference was amazing! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for making it all possible. I loved Troy Dunn and all of the classes.

And thank you for your class on dealing with loss. Thank you for your stories, your testimony, and your love. You are amazing!