Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few of my Favorites.

My all time favorite Jane Austen Movie.

Today I was looking at a site I love.
I wondered how many people know about it.
I decided to share this and other favorites.

It's a Sign

My favorite place to go for darling vinyl lettering decor for my home and for gifts! A couple of years ago we gave all of our Birth Mom's a 12x12 tile with lettering that said "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, loves gives us a fairy tale" . I know most people think of this quote as a lovers quote but when I read it I think of what these incredible women gave us....they through love gave us our fairy tale. We included a card thanking them for being such a special part of our fairy tale!

The Republic of Pemberly

This is kind of a sweet escape when I want to get my mind off of my real life. I love anything Jane Austen!!!

When Haley was 2 months old she got RSV and ended up with Complications...namely "Bronchiolitis". I had always wondered why RSV was such a bad virus for babies....but when Haley got sick I completely understood. It is a mean virus and it landed my baby girl in the hospital for 3 days. For a few years after when Haley got a cold it acted just like RSV and on a couple other occasions it was RSV (you can't build a full immunity to this stupid virus). Kidshealth.org became a great source for me sort through when to go to the doctor and when not too. It also became a great source of information for any illness or rash my kids got. I trust this site more than others because all the information I got on RSV from Primary Children's Medical Center was the same info kidshealth.org had posted. All of their information comes from pediatricians/doctors. I love it...maybe you will too!

Crown Burger
I know many people love Five Guys but I have to be honest and say I wasn't impressed. It was a good burger but not anything I couldn't make at home on my grill. For me Crown Burger is the yummiest place for a fast food burger and their fry sauce is also delish! I am sad that UT County doesn't seem to have one.
Big Bummer!

Riley's is on redwood road in West Jordan. They make a very yummy turkey and swiss on sourdough. They also have the best Cherry Coke around.

A favorite from my teen years....I use to go to the Sconecutter with my friends. We were always hoping to catch a the eye of a few cute guys from the rival high school (we were on their turf). Ironically I ended up marrying a guy from our rival school. :)

Brach's Malt Balls

Forget" Whoppers" or any other brand. If you haven't had "Brach's" Malt Balls then you haven't had good candy. LOL They are very hard to find...if you find a store in SL or UT counties that carry them let me know.

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