Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When your kids are sick.

This is just what Camden needs....he is a mucus factory!
This picture makes me laugh!

What activities do you allow your kids to do in bed when they are sick?
My oldest 3 all have the flu and they are grouchy and whinny (sp?) and need an occupation while down and out.
They have played some games, drew pictures, read or looked at books and watched movies.
I need new ideas.
And if you have a moment...please pray that my little Spencer won't get sick.
Thank You!!!!


Savannah said...

Yuck! Sorry you have a sick house, I pray it stops with just those three. One friend whose boy was just stick gave him a thing of yarn and let him string it all over the house. It made a mess, but with a pair if scissors it is quick cleanup. Sorry, no other ideas. Being sick is just not fun.

Scott and Becky said...

How about Christmas cards? Or birthday cards?

E and J said...

We just had a foster child under go major surgery and we have been home bound the last couple of weeks not to mention our hospital stay. We've done salt dough creations, starfall.com, sock puppets, face masks out of paper plates, built forts on his bed, had a tv put in his room, bought a breakfast in bed tray so he could play with trains or color.... Now we're running out of ideas too.