Thursday, November 5, 2009


Years ago when we first started the adoption process I sent an email to Delilah.
You know the voice of KOSY's Love Songs at night.
I asked Delilah to play the song from An American Tale "Somewhere Out There". I shared with her our hope of finding the Birth Mother we were meant to find.
I wanted to do something to reach out to the universe in some way (strange as it may seem) saying we are here and we are praying for this special unknown least unknown to us. This song has a special place in my heart because of this experience and my feelings back then.

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Heart Gallery 2010 Unveiling. It was held at the Utah Capital Building Rotunda. If you have ever been in this building you know the beauty it holds. But last night nothing compared to the beauty of photographs of Utah's waiting children. The photos were framed and each was up on an easel. They were situated around the rotunda and they touched my heart deeply! Each child unique...each child hoping for a permanent family.

I had the amazing experience of sitting close to a beautiful 17 year old girl who is hoping for a family. We talked about some of the things she likes.....unlike most girls her age she is not a huge fan of "Twilight" books or even "Harry Potter" books.....when I asked who her favorite author was she replied "Richard Paul Evans". I have to admit I was surprised...I don't think most girls at 17 would give this answer. I was very impressed with her maturity. It left me with a desire to learn more about this girl.

After everyone was settled in and seated the ceremony began. The ceremony consisted of introducing each child's photograph and the photographer who gave their time and talents to create the photograph. I had the privilege of sitting in for two of the children Ceici & Zackkary. Their photographer Linda Boyd presented their photos to me. I was so grateful I was asked to help. It meant a great deal to me to be involved....even in this most simple act.

At the end of the ceremony a young man who had been (adopted from foster care) stood up and sang "Somewhere Out There". A very talented young was a beautiful addition to this night.
As he sang I thought of all the hope I had in my heart years ago as we started the adoption process...I thought of the email to Delilah and remembered the feelings and desires of my heart. I then thought of this young lady sitting near me who is waiting for a family, I thought of the children who's pictures I was holding and all the many faces we have featured here on Matching Mondays and I realized once again how similar our stories are. I was hoping for a permanent family....someone to call my own....exactly what these children are hoping for...someone to call their own....a place to lay their head every night and know they are loved. We are the same in so many ways. The difference lies in what we can do about it. We can pay more money, be more proactive and reach out to our family, friends and community to help in our adoption efforts. These children cannot....they have to rely upon other adults to help them. Their hope rests on workers, photographers and events to help them find their forever family. Just as we pray for a child...they pray for parents. They have to wait for hearts to change and minds to open. They are forced to "wait".
We don't have to.
Please take time to look through this site....and pass the link along in your blogs, tweets and emails to your circle of friends.
Lets helps these children by spreading their hopes!! Lets help them by finding ways to increase their chances. Lets reach out to our local heart galleries, state authorities and support their activities and events. Lets volunteer some of our own time educating our communities about waiting children.
Lets be their voice!

As we traveled home last night I realized how fitting it was that they held the unveiling at the State Capital building.....Theses are the States children....this building belongs to their parent. This beautiful building belongs to the a way WE are the parents to these children....we help our children. Lets help THESE children so that this time next year their portraits will be hung on a wall in their family room....their own family's room!

We all know what it is like to hope for a family...wouldn't it be amazing to see their hope rewarded with a special miracle all their own!
I will be praying for this...I hope you will join me!
*As I was finishing this post I discovered some things that made my day. The 17 year old I sat near and spoke with has been placed with a family. One of the siblings I stood in for is being adopted by her foster parents. Sadly the younger brother Zackkery is still waiting for a family. I am very sad they won't stay together. I was told they have a special bond. But I am happy permanency is found for one....I hope the same happens for this darling boy.

You can view the heart Gallery here.

If you are open to a sibling group with young children don't miss the 2nd picture!
I saw the oldest child last night....she is darling!!!


Denise Haslam said...

Brenda, you are amazing...after you left facebook I've been peaking in on your blog here and there and I am so amazed by your life story. You will be so blessed for all of your hard work I just know it! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration to me and others.
Take care and have a great day!
Denise Bingham Haslam

SmallAdventures said...

Denise!!!!!! Thank you so much for your comment!!! It totally warmed my heart this morning! I miss facebook ...well I guess I don't miss facebook itself..but I miss seeing what is happening with my friends!
Do you have a blog?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Thank you for your friendship!

Denise Bingham Haslam said...

No I don't do the blog of my Primary Counselor’s talked me into doing facebook and I was instantly addicted (not sure if that's a good thing) I meant what I said your an inspiration. My Sister is thinking about starting the adoption process she has been unable to have any children. I keep telling her to check out your blog it definitely gives hope! The pain of wanting Children and not being able to have them naturally is so hard...but I know there are so many kids out there that could use a nice family like her's and her husband. I think she's just scared to take that step, it makes not having her "own" baby final! I hope one day she will follow in your footsteps!
Thanks Again!