Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Giving

2 days left
Last night Brad, the kids and I went to visit a special friend.   This friend has had a hard life....not just a little hard ....REALLY difficult.   This difficulty started at a young age and at no fault of her own.   The more I learn about her life the more I understand how important a stable family life is....stable and responsible parents...growing up surrounded by love, being taught boundaries and the opportunity to be good at something.  The more I have gotten to know this special friend the more I want to help children...especially teens in foster care find a loving forever family. 

My eyes have been opened lately...opened to the need that is everywhere around us.   So much of this need is brought out into the open this time of year but truthfully the needs exists everyday of the year.  It is my own goal to spend more of my time giving in 2010... to take these new truths and hopfully make a difference somehow.   I wish my friend could have had someone in her life who made a difference....who helped her understand she is loved by her Heavenly Father and help her understand she is lovable!   I don't believe it is too late for her...I can see the Lord working in her life.  It is amazing to think that because a of special baby who grew to do His Father's will we are each given the gift of trying again, forgiveness....of Redemption.

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