Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

There must be something great about 2010!
I had the wonderful experience of sleeping in until 11AM! 
If you have read my blog for a while you will know what a huge deal this was for my sleep deprived body.   It was a gift from my cute hubs!  We then spent the rest of today in jammies playing the wii or watching tv.  I didn't even touched the dishes from last nights party until 8pm tonight.   Normally I would feel bad for not being productive but I realize there are days I need to just chill.    I DID burn 150 calories on DDR and got on my treadmill...a little gift to myself that I will be giving everyday (except Sundays).

This brings me to what my post is really about....resolutions.   I usually make a huge list and stick with it for a couple of months then fade out and feel bad about it or I completely forget I had a list.  So I am doing something new this year.....I am going to be balanced.   That is my have wellness through a balanced life.  I look at myself in four parts....spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.   Just for an example here is what I am thinking....
  • Spiritually I want to increase my understanding of the Gospel by personal study and attending my Sunday classes and the Temple. 
  • Physically I will feed my body what it needs and give it exercise on a regular basis.
  • Mentally I will stive to fill my mind with positve ideas and thoughts by using media outlets wisely.
  • Emotionally I will be joy to my life by striving to help others.  (And I will stop being such a hermit.  lol)
I keep thinking of that quote from Sister Majorie Hinckley (I think Camilla Kimball said it  first...but I heard it from Majorie); "Never suppress a generous thought".  I think that applies to serving others, serving our families and also remembering to give ourselves the help we need.  I think this will be my personal theme for the year.
I read this little story in the Ensign touched my heart and that quote once again came into my mind.

One Act of Kindness

By Arinzechukwu Okere

  Ensign, Jan. 2010

One never knows what a little kindness can generate. One January, while serving in Akure in the Nigeria Lagos Mission, I had a small gift that I wanted to give to someone. I wondered, “Whom can I give it to that will benefit from it?” I took the gift to church two Sundays, yet I was undecided.

On the third Sunday, I went to church thinking I would give it to a good friend. He did not come to church that day, but I had a feeling that someone else needed it. Looking around the chapel, I saw a boy whose parents were not members of the Church. He seemed so lonely. I felt impressed to give him the gift. I presented it to him, feeling very happy within.

Something wonderful happened. His mother came to church the following Sunday. She thanked me for the gift. She said, “I have been promising my son that I would one day come to church. Today I came to express my gratitude for the gift.” That was how my companion and I met her; since then she has joined the Church. How happy the boy was to see his mom finally baptized.

I know that by small means great things are brought to pass.

I think many times the "little things" make the biggest difference in our lives.
I am counting on it this year!

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